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  1. Nickleback would be my hell because one can only listen to the soundtrack of a beer commercial for so long. I would guess that you like Adele because unlike the rest she is actually talented and likable.
  2. I had a Turbo Grafx 16. I am also the only person I know that had the CD-ROM for it. At the time it was pretty great. My favorite game for this system was a Dungeons & Dragons game called "Order of the Griffen". For the CD ROM I had Wanderers from Ys Which for it's time was pretty sweet. And I also had this incredibly bizarre Tennis/RPG that was surprisingly fun and incredibly weird.
  3. Because who wouldn't want to be bonked out...whatever that means
  4. Good and Plenty are an evil trick conjured up by evil people. "Here have some candy." poor innocent happy child excited to get some candy is then punished with a mouthful of the worst flavors known to man, and unfit for human consumption.
  5. Playing Street Fighter V. The Graphics, and game play are second to none. If you are a Street Fighter fan you will not be disappointed with either of these aspects. The levels are beautiful, and while graphically cleaned up and modern they feel like the original. If you had a friend sitting in the same room as you that also loved Street Fighter literally hundreds of hours of some of the best Fight gaming will be had. That being said here's the bad. The rest of the game is just kind of poorly thought out. The interface is confusing and weird to want to navigate. There really is next to nothing happening for single player mode. Sure each player has their own tossed together story mode that is quite simplistic and not very challenging . We are talking like three or four fights each with none of the fighters putting up a decent fight. The regular "Tournament mode" that we have all come to know and love about the street Fighter series does not exist. There is a survival mode that allows for more meat on the bone in the way of game play. But still leaves you unsatisfied. So this leaves the only other option being "Online Play". Fair enough, that's what gaming has become. I have embraced it, and love knowing that the person I am fighting against is somebody else rather than AI. But the set up to play online is so clumsy, and awkward. First you set up your online settings which includes choosing your favorite player, Level and uniform colors and what not. Great but that's it. You are then stuck for the duration of your online play with those choices unless you back all the way out of online play and change them. And signing on to the capcom server for online play takes a significant amount of time comparatively speaking to where moder gaming is today. And then waiting for a match seems to take for ever, and once you find one the actual start of the match takes for ever. So you are then stuck reluctant to use unfamiliar characters because of all the time you will burn switching them around. Very poor design. Not sure why I can't change the Character, uniform options, and level on a whim between matches without signing out to do so. aggravating. I spent a bout a half hour playing online last night and only played 4 matches with Two different characters. I should have been able to play like 15 matches with limitless characters in that amount of time. Soooo disappointing. This game has so much potential that I hope some patches will fix.
  6. Yeah, I try not to be that guy that starts a thread that already exists. I skimmed through some of the older ones, there are more I will likely resurrect at one point or another.
  7. My mom always insisted on buying these god-awful things
  8. Yes I do. My favorite of all time is Sergio Aragones' "Groo the Wanderer" hence my profile picture. I also am a huge Ninja Turtles fan. As superheros go I am Partial to DC over Marvel but do like book from both. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, HellBlazer, Animal Man. Nightwing. I also really enjoy the more obscure books like The Flaming Carrot, and other various funny books, and horror books.
  9. Hey don't feel bad, I haven't even fully conquered english yet. And that's all i have going for me.
  10. I had a four and a half hour drive each way trip this weekend so after the Street fighter podcast talk I listened to the entire episode, and yeah my mic is not only impossible to hear while the background music is playing, it's very quiet throughout. I have a Blue Yeti mic and it has very good sound quality. I keep it off to the side of me while we record on a separate table so it will not pic up all of the noises like my mouse moving, or bumping my desk, that sort of thing. I an going to have to make sure to face the mic better while talking and I think that will help a lot. Also Listening got me wanting to play Some Streetfigher so I picked up 5 on PS4 today. Have not played it yet ( waiting for the wife and kids to go to bed lol ). The back of the box read something that I thought was awesome though. "All Future DLC Characters Earnable For Free".
  11. Could I suggest that perhaps all of the apprehension from the masses is not due to the fact that men are being replaced by women in the leading roles. But Rather it's that Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis are being replaced by well...anybody. I know that's what it is for me. Poor Ernie Hudson