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  1. It shouldn't have to be external. They could have built it into the wii u they just are being really lazy at nintendo I think.
  2. Are you going for Sealed ones or are you gonna go for them and open and use them? If you're gonna use them or open them I'd recommend getting the Japanese amiibos. They're the exact same thing and they work over here. Only difference is the packaging and the price. They're list price around $15 for almost all of them unlike the American versions being jacked up way in price
  3. I haven't tried all 30 but the ones I did try are super stiff. The other gba I took apart the dpad had an issue with one of the directions and when I put it in the new one I still had the issue with the one direction. The other ines were cheap Chinese ones. It kinda sucks the fun out of playing anything when you cant push a whole direction or use the diagonals.
  4. Hey does anyone know of a good place to buy conductive pads for a gba? I bought a pack of 30 sets and so far they're all bad. I recently bought a backlit gba and the dpad is awful. I had to tear down another gba to get its pads. 3 directions are good but 1 is super hard to push. If you have any ideas id appreciate it. thanks in advance!
  5. Of you're looking for those a great place to look is toys r us. Around here anyway lol I get lucky there and find hard to get ones there like Little Mac and gannondorf
  6. Glad I could help. It is pretty cool. My nephews play it all the time and they love it. It's on the wii u 3ds and android. It may be in iTunes as well not sure though
  7. I'm thinking it was a 24 pack. It wasn't a fridge pack I don't think it just had the punch part that you use as a handle. And no I live in Texas lol you sound like you know florida is thieves from experience
  8. I don't like the whole disney infinity thing. I tried it and Skylanders both and couldn't get into either. Lol last thing I need is another collectible figure expense. I'm already into amiibos about $900-1000 in total so far lol
  9. I wasn't one of the state's that got it lol and damn I remember those Star Wars cans. I was at the store getting soda and they had that promotion if you find a gold Yoda can you get $20 and the way it was packaged you could see that one box had one in it. The part that you Bust open to use as a makeshift handle. I bought that one and didn't claim it and just kept it. Had it up until a few years ago when a hurricane came through and wrecked my house and my sister's boyfriend took the opportunity to help himself to my things. And his dad tried to sell me my own games back to me.
  10. Bomberman hero style bomberman would be great. Maybe bionic commando for smash. Maybe even scrooge mcduck from the duck Tales games
  11. on a related subject, which video game characters would you like to see released as amiibos? Slippy and Peppy ones would be cool. More Mega Man ones would be awesome. They seem to be making pretty much everything already though so maybe they'll get around to an Earth Worm Jim one one of these days you never know. Here's my collection. I stopped opening them after I realised they don't do much lol
  12. Anyone have any recommendations for some good unknown RPGs for the NES?
  13. I know what you mean. I lived in the middle of nowhere too. More like in the middle of the middle of nowhere. We had an arcade for about a week or two before it shut down due to drug sales and everything. Everything was better as a kid, really. It's not so much that it was because I was a kid but things were just better back then. People didn't sue other people every other day there weren't mass shootings every day. Hell, cartoons these days are terrible. With the likes of Uncle Grandpa and Stephen Universe and everything those shows don't compare to shows like Rocko's Modern Life. A show like that would never be allowed on TV these days, everyones so protective of their kids now and don't let them watch or play anything that might "warp" their minds. Even candy these days sucks, A king size candybar now is like a regular one from when I was a kid. Not even when I was a kid, maybe a year or two ago. The 90's was the best. The music, the movies, the new technologies coming along I think it was crazy for everyone. Going from NES games to Dreamcast games in 10 years. Small cell phones you could take with you anywhere, VHS changing to DVDs. I really don't think kids these days are gonna have any milestones. They're not gonna boot up their XBox 7s and think back, "damn remember X-Box 6?" Nothing really notable is happening these days.
  14. Here's one of my personal favorites from Ico. And the Lunar soundtracks are great. And pretty much any final Fantasy soundtrack.
  15. Sequels are rarely as good as the originals. lol And honestly who has? I might have snickered at her in that Bridesmaids movie but she's always white trash characters from what I've seen. Like she's trying to be a female Chris Farley or something but that isn't working out for her too well.
  16. I never got a chance to watch it as a child but when I grew up and recently watched them they're pretty awesome so it's not from a nostalgia viewpoint with me. I recently got into Twilight Zone as well. And I wouldn't trust M Night with anything to be honest. Maybe if they brought back the goosebumps tv show maybe he could handle children's horror.
  17. Yeah there's a lot of them. I'm only missing a few myself. Like Wario and Palutena. Just got Rosalina the other day. I don't even really use them really. They don't do much of anything except for collectibles for characters or games that they don't really acknowledge these days in some of them. I wonder if they're gonna keep making them when the NX comes out or if they're gonna just abandon the idea. I don't hear too many people collecting the animal crossing ones
  18. Yeah I think it was the Saturn version. The N64 version is pretty good I remember renting it as a kid and being like damn this is awesome. lol And isn't the Saturn version without music? Damn right fuck that game. have you tried out Mario's Time Machine? lol Or worse yet Captain Novalin I think its called. Its about diabetes f you touch donuts they kill you. Another shitty one is called Rex Ronan Experimental Surgeon. Totally awful. It's about some guy that works at a tobacco company that's dying from smoking and you go inside of him and hes got fuckin' robots and stuff inside of him and you're running around shooting plaque off his cheeks. I think he's got way more to worry about than that with those robots running around on his tongue. Can't taste good.
  19. It's a reboot. An unnecessary reboot
  20. Lol it makes you wonder why they try doing things sometimes if they know it isn't going to go well. I hear the Sega cd version is one of the best versions for console
  21. I'm pretty excited about the one that comes with the Twilight Princess HD. It looks huge in all the pictures I've seen of it. And the Wii Fit Trainer is one of the harder ones to find
  22. Aw man anybody but him. The only person worse would be if Michael Bay got his hands on it. M. Night Shyamalan THINKS he knows horror and most of his movies are about 3/4ths good but he always finds a way to disappoint by the end. I'm trying to think of a movie he made that didn't leave me disappointed. Tales From The Crypt deserves better. I'd even settle for Tim Burton taking it over, and he hasn't been that great lately either.
  23. I didn't know the Doom on SNES didn't have a save feature. How much of the game was on it, was it just the first bit? I got Doom 3 a while back and was surprised to find out that it had the original trilogy on there. Doom 3 sucks but at least those original ones are on there and they're still great. I'm really excited for the new one that's coming out. And I recently had the displeasure of trying out Super 3D Noah's Ark on the SNES at this retro store I go to. It runs on the Doom I think, and it's just terrible. The story behind it is that the guys who made Doom were pissed because of how bad the port to the SNES was that they sold the engine for it to Wisdom Tree to make that really bad game. They were asking $160 for it, I don't think they're gonna get it.
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