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  1. So I'm editing EGM 18 after finally finishing scanning and straitening the pages. It's been a slow month due to work schedule, spring break with my family off, taxes, and watching basketball. I should have time to edit it fairly fast. I'm 10 pages done but the cover needs some work. From far it's not bad but up close its a white cover so the waxy film on the cover picked up a lot of dirt so I'm cleaning it up extensively. Might take anothe 30 minutes cleaning up the cover alone. The rest should go fast. There about 5 images I combined this issue, mostly mega man 3 maps, and some two page art like the Dick Tracy Page that has a huge pixel art image split across two pages.mthey all came out nice. On one of the mega man maps in snake man's stage, the page break cut off one of the enemy sprites where I couldn't tell what it was supposed to be when combining. I actually watched a play through of the game on YouTube to identify the enemy in that section, find another one of him on the page and fix it with the clone stamp. Yes I am dedicated to getting it right I guess.

    I have only one staple bound issue left to scan, the Battletoads cover. These issues take much long to scan because I take out the staple and have to align them on the scan plate. Then individually name the pages and keep track of them as I'm scanning because they are out of order. It just takes longer because I'm going to staple these issues back together to preserve them. After that I'll be debinding and the scanning will go much much faster. Possibly in one or two sittings for a whole mag.

    Sean, your hard work & effort is so highly appreciated!

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