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  1. Hello! A little while ago I mailed in a handful of gaming publications to a service similar to 1dollarscans, which I first learned of through a thread posted here several months ago. I only sent in things I was sure hadn't been uploaded elsewhere, and I've since received all of the scans and posted them to the Internet Archive. There's really a ton but highlights include: Super Smash Bros. Melee Official Player's Guide (was surprised it hadn't already been uploaded with how popular the game still is, but then I suppose it doesn't mention wavedashing) A bunch of Nintendo Power subscriber-exclusive bonuses (catalogs, preview zines and more) Disney Adventures Winter 2000 (video game edition of a Disney children's magazine) Pokemon Gold & Silver Adventure Guide by Versus Books (this amazing guide, in an effort to not spoil anything, will often give you the encounter percentages of Pokemon in an area but not tell you what the Pokemon are) Animal Crossing Official Player's Guide Scrye Pokemon Price And Players Guide 2000 (extensive one-off magazine about the Pokemon TCG at the height of its popularity) A note about the quality: these were scanned at 300dpi with no touch-ups, overall I'm very happy with them. Regarding the quality of the magazines themselves, many of the covers are beat to hell but are mostly fine once you get into them. I'm sure that at least some of these will be scanned in better quality in the future by folks more willing to dedicate the time and care, but in the meantime I'm happy to share everything I've got. Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/@fauwf?&sort=titleSorter
  2. Man, I wish I'd heard of this before I ditched all my Nintendo Powers earlier, many of which hadn't been scanned. Whether or not they'd be hosted here I'd totally be willing to donate to have that work done.
  3. Hello Fawf, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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