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  1. I don't think as an industry, video games is dying. Not by a long shot. You see everywhere people are playing games, either on mobile phone or console. It will keep reinventing itself to accommodate the consumers.
  2. The last Metal Gear game I played was MGS 4. Fun game but i didn't really follow the story. Haven't tried MGS5 yet, gonna need a ps4 for that.
  3. does steam usually do this kind of deals?
  4. As do my kids. They love the older games, it may doesn't have all the nifty graphics but the gameplay and hearts put on the story still somehow clicked with the younger generations.
  5. thanks for this, now a have MORE reason to be LESS productive at work, haha. No seriously, thank you.
  6. my first ever game i played was super contra on the famicom/nes. My cousin brought the console over to my house.
  7. Anybody remember this guy?
  8. Hi guys, lalilulelo here. If you are a fan of metal gear solid you'll get that reference. Nice forum u got here glad i found it. I love collecting videogames mags, especially EGM, EGM2, and nowadays I collect guide books and art books to.
  9. does fighting games count? Heh. The last game i truly finish was new super mario bros u on the wii u. fun games, takes me back on the nostalgia train. hahha
  10. this is a really fun topic to read guys, too bad i can't contribute, only had crappy job and nothing crappy...yet
  11. for older games i prefer physical just for the nostalgia factors. But newer games especially those simpler type puzzle games, digitals is ok with me.
  12. currently playing mobile on may PS vita and my android phone, usually some older gen emulator during some time off.
  13. U can use an external 2.5" Harddisk to add storage space though. But then it at extra cost, which sucks. BTW, my NNID is either sir.qrtz or qrtz_ . Forgot which one. Will confirm later.