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  1. Where should Retromags fill holes first?

    I really want to see GamePro's November 1999 issue, just to finish up my 90's collection of that mag, so I will "officially" vote for GamePro. After that, I'd fill more of EGM's holes, starting similarly with '98 and '99's missing issues. This late 90's kid wants to see his old mags again!
  2. My 1991 collection is complete, thank you!!!!
  3. The year 2000 is complete! Thanks a bunch!
  4. Is this not the July 2000 issue? The stub says "May 2000" and "Issue 130", when I'm pretty sure this is Issue 132 from July. Aside from that, it looks awesome, thanks a bunch for the scan!
  5. Hello williamsGPA, Welcome to the Retromags Community!