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  1. I love old mags whose cover subject game was never released
  2. 1998 complete, achievement unlocked! (except there were no system-wide "achievements" yet in 1998)
  3. If it's a signal for Frank Cifaldi, it's good enough for me! Thank you for the response, keep up the great work
  4. FWIW, I always check here first, because you guys have the most superior version of scans. So many IA magazines look absolutely terrible, they're a last resort for me. So no worries
  5. Thank you so much, kitsunebi! That's exactly what I was curious about, I greatly appreciate the explanation. Thank you all for keeping up the site
  6. Thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate it!
  7. I understand that, and I'm as patient as can be, and I do not want this to seem like a complaint about it taking too long. My question/issue is with the listed status of those magazines: if they aren't in the current queue (which they aren't on this thread you linked), why is their status reported as "scanning" or "editing" in the database if the magazines have not reached that step in the process yet? It's not merely a semantic thing, because someone who may have those issues and the capacity for high-quality scanning might see the label and refrain from doing the work to scan and upload those because they believe someone is actively processing those specific issues as we speak. I'm sure E-Day would appreciate the help too if someone could do that given the current workload. It's also not as if those status labels have been recently changed to "scanning", as I've been coming back for months and months to see if there has been any change, but there has not been, which leads me to believe that they have not in fact reached that step of the process. Is there no way to change the status label to accurately reflect what step they are in the process? Maybe "obtained" or "discovered" or something?
  8. Hey all! I'm sorry if this was posted on another topic somewhere, but I'm inquiring as to the status of a few issues of magazines to complete my collection. I've been a member for years and keep checking back for these issues every few months and they've had a "scanning" or "editing" label attached for what seems like forever. I know that the process of obtaining/scanning/editing is an arduous one, but in this case it feels like someone just forgot about and/or mislabeled the status of these issues, as I can't imagine them taking this long to complete. Electronic Gaming Monthly 108 - July 1998 -- "scanning" Electronic Gaming Monthly 118 - May 1999 -- "editing" Electronic Gaming Monthly 119 - June 1999 -- "scanning" Nintendo Power 157 - June 2002 -- "scanning" If these are close to being finished and uploaded, does anyone have a timeframe where we might see them? If not and the projects were abandoned, can someone change the status back to "missing" to accurately reflect their true status so that someone else might be motivated to obtain/scan/edit/upload them to the site? Thanks again!
  9. I really want to see GamePro's November 1999 issue, just to finish up my 90's collection of that mag, so I will "officially" vote for GamePro. After that, I'd fill more of EGM's holes, starting similarly with '98 and '99's missing issues. This late 90's kid wants to see his old mags again!
  10. Is this not the July 2000 issue? The stub says "May 2000" and "Issue 130", when I'm pretty sure this is Issue 132 from July. Aside from that, it looks awesome, thanks a bunch for the scan!
  11. Hello williamsGPA, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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