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  1. Nice price) If only i could find something like this near me)
  2. Retromags Presents! Game Land Issue 57 December 1999 Database Entry! Download Directly! Game Land Issue 58 January 2000 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Game Land 57 (December 1999)(RU)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Game Land 58 (January 2000) (RU)
  5. Ultra GamePlayers Issue 106 (January 1998) - 1,65 Gb... I cant rework it bigger then 300 Mb... My old PC will die in this process)
  6. I'll take another half) BTW, postage in Japan very expensive?
  7. Look for groups like Redump or TruRip... Maybe this disk are already dumped. If not - may be you can send them disks and they add them to collections. If this disks contain only video, ISO is enough for them. P.S. Last news for console disk Dumps - all dumped in *.cue/*.img/*.sub mode) P.P.S. XBox like PC, isn't it? If so, use Alcoghol or Daemon Tools or any other ripper in the necessary format.
  8. Good base for scanned sega materials - segaretro. I know, Kitsunebi don't like them for stealing magazines, but they have a lot of other good scans - ads, posters, manuals, maps and other... Plus, they started similar base for the NEC consoles... Many scans are in HQ. For NIntendo - http://www.nintandbox.net - covers, labels, some manuals... Many of them in HQ. Many scans can be found on forums like AtariAge... TOSEC-PIX - old collection but with some-all-in-one-place materials I have huge amount of links to different portals at home, but now i'm on vacation on Cyprus without access to them... P.S. For manuals - look at my DMC collection))) Torrent can be found at pleasuredome.org.uk
  9. All this scans are in different places, primarly divided by console or by publisher\developer. I can't find one big source) Many of this scans can be founded in torrents or in packs like TOSEC-PIX.
  10. Retromags Presents! Game Land Issue 93 June 2001 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  11. 95 downloads

    Game Land Issue 93 (June 2001)(Ru)
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