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  1. Omnipotence (similar to the ability to touch a book and known the contents instantly, but in this case for all knowledge past, present, future) is the most powerful thing I've ever been able to think of. That really allows you to do anything. If something is at all possible, you know how to do it. You can prevent death, control everyone around you, know what everyone's thinking and the secrets of the universe. You'd instantly become a god with knowledge. If someone had this power the Earth would quickly either turn into paradise or possibly a horrifying god-emperor dictatorship. Super speed is my #2, for similar reasons. If I can learn to how to do almostly instantly, would easily become rich and powerful, etc. Basically absorbing knowledge as fast as possible is super important! Flying and strength are just about the most restrictive superpowers!
  2. Luckily I got all my consoles from Ebay before the retro game boom. In high school I used to buy and sell lots on Ebay or flea markets to get money (and build my collection). I used to spend $20 on an NES, refurb it and sell it for $50, but while browsing consoles I'd snipe a cheap TG16 or Odyssey^2 lot if I could just to expand my horizons. I still have a stack of a few of the crappiest NESs left from those days
  3. Deep Dungeon IV has a translation from the Famicom version if you're into first person dungeon crawlers. It plays like a 25 year old console dungeon crawler, which is a love or hate style, but it's a strong contender for relatively unknown.
  4. Maybe the kids growing up with Xbox 360 and PS4 are going feel strongly enough about them to make some bootleg Xbox Live that hosts all of the patches when they get to the age where they want to go back and collect a full library of 360 games (those maniacs). Passionate fans have brought back old World of Warcraft releases or dead games like Star Wars Galaxies. Connecting up your old Xbox to "XBL Reloaded" or whatever might just be their version of refurbing a 72 pin connector or replacing N64 joysticks, something that needs to be done if you're collecting
  5. I played through 10-Yard Fight last night, first time I bothered putting that one in in a while. I needed a break after playing Battle Kid 2 which is kicking my ass. I beat the Super Bowl on my first try, 14-0. It might be the easiest NES game I've ever played.
  6. Well I'm Tyler, casual retro video and computer collector, moderate NES collector, hardcore pinballer. I collected games heavily in the early 2000s and I'm just getting back into the swing of it. Playing some NES games and remembering how hard they are so I needed the power... Nintendo Power.
  7. Hello DefaultGen, Welcome to the Retromags Community!