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  1. What Is Gamestop Thinking?

    Have you seen some of their descriptions for games like Chrono Trigger and Prince of Persia. Whoever runs their website has a sense of humor.
  2. Which Game Was It? (late Nes)

    While I've never heard of it before (and I thought I knew just about every Famicom/NES game) I did some research, and I believe the game you're describing is Treasure Master.
  3. Rate Super Mario Galaxy!

    Gonna have to give it an 8. Great game but it's certainly not the best Mario game ever made. It also wasn't able to hold my attention long. Also it was a lot harder to get into than something like Mario World or Mario 64 that grab your attention immediately.
  4. That looked very impressive. Liked the music too. I'm sure Miyamoto conducted experiments with SNES and N64 hardware that eventually became Mario Galaxy. I wouldn't' be surprised if the SNES stuff looked like this.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    It's a pretty decent game. I kinda liked Melee better. Haven't spent nearly as much time playing through this one with friends as I did with Melee.
  6. What Interests You?

    I like pre-96 Gamepros and Post 96 EGMs the best. Would be cool to see more GAMEFANs.
  7. In 2008 I'm looking forward to... 360 -------------- Bionic Commando Rearmed Ninja Gaiden 2 Soul Calibur IV Street Fighter 2 HD PSP ---------------- Super Robot Taisen A Portable Bleach: Heat the Soul 5 NDS --------------------- Bokura no Terebi Game Kentei Dragon Quest V Wii ------------------------ Mario Kart Wii Star Soldier R
  8. What Video Game Did You Last Play.

    Recently been playing Wipeout Pure on PSP, with bouts of Echochrome in between. Before that was Mario Kart 64 (VC)
  9. Magzines From England

    I've always figured it was because you can have a gaming mag in England with a lot less circulation than you can in the states. Thus if you put together a 200+ page a month mag and get 2,000 readers in England you're probably making money or breaking even. While in the states 2,000 readers a month for a 200+ page mag would get it reduced to 100-less pages or canceled altogether. Smaller population/country/ and distribution chain means less costs involved. That's why game mags are still alive and well in Jolly ol' England but an endangered species in the states.
  10. Foreign Mag Scans

    I would say that any type of game magazine from any country would be more than welcomed here. It's interesting to see how magazines are put together in different countries, and also they have pictures and art of games that we all know and love. Also interesting to see review scores that games receive that differ (better or worse.) from their American or English predecessors.
  11. Premium Membership

    Couldn't scrape up the cash for a year membership, but I joined for a month. I'll upgrade to a year membership this week or next. I've really been meaning to scan my issues of EGM (various issues from 92-97) since they take up too much space. I hope to contribute those in the future. I decided to donate and become a premium member since I've seen retromags torrents in the past and was very happy that there were others out there such as myself that enjoy classic game magazines. Enjoying my premium membership so far.