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  1. Famitsu Game Boy Supplement

    I do own all the issues that I am willing to submit and can provide evidence if required. Thanks for all the advice, it's very helpful. This is my first time in a while trying to scan a magazine - i'm used to scanning in boxes and manuals. Plus I was just testing with the built in Mac software for scanning (and it is awful), any recommendations for better software is very welcome. I am willing to separate the pages but I wasn't willing to do that just for some tests.
  2. Famitsu Game Boy Supplement

    I have scanned in 12 issues of this supplement from Famitsu magazine in 1990/1991 - would anyone be interesting if I uploaded them to Retro Mags. I currently have test version up on Is the quality good enough?? I also have 9 issues of Game Boy Magazine and 8 issues of Faminaga's Game Boy Fan.
  3. Game Boy Tsūshin (August 3, 1990)

    Well the Link Cable is referred to as the Tsushin Play-Cable / Interactive Play-Cable
  4. Missing Magazines in the Database

    I'm in Tokyo for a few weeks soon - I plan to find some of the Game Boy & Famitsu magazines and i'll be happy to share some scans
  5. Earliest Gaming Memory

    Mine is either playing Rockman/Blitz on a Vic-20 or a Snoopy Tennis Game & Watch
  6. What handheld systems do you play?

    I usually have a DSi and a modded Game Boy Pocket in my bag
  7. Hello SuperFancy, Welcome to the Retromags Community!