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  1. Top 5 Greatest Games Ever

    The top 5 game eh.!!! (My list of five would be kind of long as theres lots of games I'd say tie for spots 1-5) Off the top of my head I would say (they came to mind first). : ) 1-Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (Super Nintendo) 2-Castlevania Symthony of the Night (PSX) 3-Double Dragon 2 (NES) 4-Contra / Super Contra (NES) 5-Super Mario World (Super Nintendo) Yah I know I put Contra and contra 2 in one game spot but it's so hard to choose, back then there were way more cool games. That and a crap load more 2 player games. Nintendo should look back at what made the mario games so good and add two player support back (Should have been two player for mario galaxy). I'd also have to mention that the original Zelda games and Super Mario 3 and Megaman 2 are some of my fav games also. SnakeStorm
  2. Nintendo Power Dvd Cover Preview:

    Wow cover looks great keep up the good work. I know I would like to get a copy of your cover for NP issues. SnakeStorm
  3. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    Hello Phillyman, If I read correctly for the list of stuff you listed according to everyone's reply's there are only four issues that someone has not allready said they have and are able to scan. If this is correct I should have access to issues the following three issues and would be more than happy to scan the posters. I may also be able to get to issue 90 to scan the cover but right now it's in storage so that one probably wouldn't be unless no one else has access to it before I can get it out of storage. The other three issues listed below I should be able to borrow from my bro and scan this weekend. All scans would be at the highest resolution I can get out of my scanner. Nintendo Power Issue 125 Nintendo Power Issue 142 Nintendo Power Issue 147 Would be glad to finally get to contribute scans of something. Thanks SnakeStorm
  4. 5 Magazines Being Released Really!

    Hi Phillyman, Sorry for not replying earlier and seemingly dropping of the face of the planet, but I got kicked out of my house shortly after I offered to post the magazine scans. As a result I lost access to the internet and had to cancel my newsgroup service. I'm using someone elses computer to reply to this : ( . So for the time being I wont be able to post anything, but if you still need someone down the road I'd be happy to once I get back on my feet. Regards SnakeStorm
  5. Newsgroup Posting

    Hey All Thanks for the info Phillyman, that's crazy like sav2880 said he should go out and pay for a good news group provider. Also if he's getting stuff for free he shouldn't complain. Regards SnakeStorm
  6. Scanning Questions ...

    Hi All I plan on scanning as many NP issues as I can, once I get them out of storage. I was just wondering what resolution you would suggest scanning the mags at. Any info would be appreciated. Regards SnakeStorm
  7. Newsgroup Posting

    Hi Phillyman I would also be inturested in posting to newsgroups, if you need anyone else that is. I can upload as much as I want with my news group provider. By the way which newsgoup were you posting to?. Regards SnakeStorm