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  1. A Challenge To Mariomania!

    whats wrong mariomania, 8 hours a day isnt enough for you to beat seal bounce. maybe your to much of a "bum" to beat it. i thought what ever game was handed to you u could punish the high score, i guess youre just the hype.
  2. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Drinking is just bad for you, i have never and never will drink. come on guys! its not cool
  3. A Challenge To Mariomania!

    much respect to you for giving it your all mariomania, but im pretty confident that seal bounce record is mine. but dont be to hard on yourself, maybe you can have second place.
  4. A Challenge To Mariomania!

    u have been stealing all the high scores, but i can guarantee that u will not take my Seal Bounce record or my Albatross Overload. just want to make that clear.
  5. ive already forgotten what the last episode was about
  6. Last Cd Purchased?

    K-fed cd is da bomb
  7. When Will Lost End?

    that last post has me interested again, i hate that smoke monster. what the hell is it?
  8. When Will Lost End?

    what are your thoughts on what will happen in LOST?
  9. maybe i will get it, this is bringing back old memories
  10. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    American Idol- sometimes ( only to see if sanjaya is still there) Lost Heroes House- sometimes
  11. Worse Movie Based Off A Video Game?

    nah i say DOA
  12. What Is Your Favorite Drink?

    oh and i love mountain dew and propel
  13. What Is Your Favorite Drink?

    what the hell is your picture slink85, i know u didnt put that there?
  14. i love the game, anyone want to give me a good offer for it?