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  1. To me, anything pre-dating the Gamecube is retro. N64 barely. Retro has kind of an 8 or 16 bit mental image to me but the N64 still goes there because of how old I was when I was going crazy with Goldeneye matches.
  2. I was talking to my cousin about this over some beers tonight and I really do wonder if the only reason it's more popular than ever is because of 'our' generation. The generation that grew up with Nintendo or Sega. As we age and eventually get too old to 'en masse' care, will video games die off or saunter away? Will the incoming generations care enough to keep it going? I know I live in a 'age group' bubble considering how and where I consume my gaming but it's curious to think about. I look at my young nephew and see his interest in the kindle gaming over Nintendo (though he does enjoy a good Splatoon match and such). Makes you think.
  3. Interesting take on the situation that I never considered. As a Nintendo-heavy gamer, we didn't have Achievements like the other consoles but codes even left those games too, perhaps due to the trend.
  4. You know what also died out with gaming magazines? Traditional 'codes' and 'tricks'. I feel like so much of my history with EGM but even more so with Tips and Tricks as well as EGM2 was all about the codes and secrets. Games don't put in "Invincibility Mode" or "DK Head". I hope Yooka Laylee does stuff like this. Still though, I feel like as that kind of 'fun' died, in tandem with the internet and a how easy it was for 'current news' compared to the delayed timing of magazine distribution… I just think it was inevitable.
  5. When I was in elementary school I remember there being some offer from Nintendo Power for something like the first 50 issues for $50 and I was broke (being a kid and all) and I didn't want to bother my parents with the request. I regret it.
  6. Just wanted to pay my respects with another "RIP to Mr. Iwata". In the 'Euphonic' podcast I just released with my buddy Joe, we played the theme song to Air Fortress which was one of Iwata's first games, if not the first game of his. It's got a cool soundtrack. I highly recommend the NES OST.
  7. What put you off on it so much? I love Steam. I haven't been on there in some time though. I need to play that Walking Dead: Michonne game. Bought it but I think it's all released now.
  8. I really don't have confidence a 'Zelda maker' could work. That Mario Kart maker is a bit more interesting to me though. Unique concept...
  9. I grew up being excited to read a new video game manual at the dinner table. It was like reading a magazine but I was learning about the game I couldn't wait to play. Very cool you have been scanning so many. I'd be interested in seeing them and possibly downloading some. I don't have a means to contribute myself. In terms of the NES or SNES era, I think I have one single book left. No boxes or packaging made it out alive back then unfortunately. If only I knew...
  10. I have all of the Super Smash Bros. ones including the Famicom R.O.B., all the Animal Crossing one's, and some others like the Yarn Yoshis and Chibi Robo. I love amiibo but I'm still wondering how long the love will last. It's hard to say. There haven't been uses for them I've enjoyed in the games themselves in some time. Yoshi's Woolly World was neat, as of course is Smash Bros… I need to try that free eShop game that uses them. Of the Kirby series I do want to get Waddle Dee.
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