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  1. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation Issue 022 October 1996 is out! 258MB Mega Upload Hotfile Also, this hasn't been confirmed yet but I may be receiving a donation of the remaining issues after the eBay purchase which includes 6,19,28,35 and 37-48. Should this donation come through, Retromags® will have the entire Next Generation™ collection from 1995 to 2000!
  2. Next Generation WIP

    I just purchased a BOATLOAD of Next Generation magazines on eBay. This will fill a large gap of missing Next Generations. We're still missing issue #6 after this purchase.
  3. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation Issue 021 September 1996 is out! 242MB Mega Upload Hotfile
  4. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation Issue 014 February 1996 is out! 259MB Mega Upload Hotfile
  5. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation 013 January 1996 is out! 231MB
  6. Next Generation WIP

    Nope. Not working there either. Funny.
  7. Next Generation WIP

    Hey square, your message box is full and I can't send you anything. Issue 13 will be up in about 2 hours.
  8. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation 012 December 1995 is out! 263MB Thank you to Retromags for allowing these scans to be up on the site. It doesn't go unappreciated. I want to make myself absolutely clear so there's no confusion: Do NOT listen to me if I ever tell you to take these scans down (which I won't) because these are no longer mine. They belong to the preservation community. That means you. Feel free to do with them what you will. Want to remove the Retromags banner at the end and claim it as your own? Fine. Want to burn it to a DVD-R and play "Hide the Next Generation Magazines" with your girlfriend? That's completely up to you. All I hope for is that they don't disappear so at least remove the disc and clean it off when you're done, sicko. By the way, just so you see the effort I put into this, take a look at this before and after shot of the front cover of this issue. It took some huge Photoshop gymnastics to clean up the nooks and crannies. Thanks to Squarepusher for sending me another cover of this for reference! Before: After:
  9. Next Generation WIP

    All of my Next Generations now have Megaupload CBR link and from now on will use it primarily. I'll still have a backup on Hotfile...
  10. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation 011 November 1995 is out! 236MB
  11. Next Generation WIP

    I think issue 09 looks pretty good but yeah, I'll probably do it then. I kind of like the challenge. If you look at issue 010 I just uploaded, the cover's NEXT GENERATION logo has a thin red border... well, the letter "T" in "NEXT" had a price sticker covering it almost completely and I had to do a lot of magic work to remove it... that took like 30 minutes!
  12. Next Generation WIP

    I don't like that Hotfile only allows limited downloads per 24 hours for people so I would prefer to upload elsewhere. I just tried Megaupload and it's giving me an unknown error.
  13. Next Generation WIP

    I updated the file link. only allows 100MB and lower to be used. I'm supposed to be getting access to some Megaupload account or something I take it in the future? That's what I'd prefer.
  14. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation 010 October 1995 is out! 159MB
  15. Next Generation WIP

    Next Generation Issue 008 August 1995 is out! (115MB) By the way, in case you haven't guessed, I'm missing Issues 06 and 07. I never even owned them and I can't remember why.