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  1. It is great to see more issues of EGM being made available! The number of unscanned issues is steadily decreasing.
  2. It is great to finally see a "new" issue of EGM!
  3. For several years in the early-2000s, there was a publication called PlayStation Quarterly. In Canada, at least, it was freely distributed at EB Games. The content is mostly advertising of new games (original PS, PS 2, and PSP). The most useful content is the specific release dates. There are also announcements of Sony-sponsored gaming events across Canada. Is this a title of interest? There is admittedly limited editorial content. Once I find my copies, I can scan a sample issue if that would be useful.
  4. Are these magazines available at all Wal-Mart locations? I occasionally (perhaps twice per year) do a cross-border grocery run to a Wal-Mart Supercentre in a small town in Northern Maine, and while I always check-out the electronics section -- I bought an NES Classic there! -- I have never seen this magazine. I suppose that it could just be a limited print run and I keep missing out, but after 20+ visits, you'd think that I would have found at least one issue.
  5. While it certainly does not count as an "official" release, both Devil World and F1 Race (among other Famicom-exclusive titles) appeared on some of the various pirate Famiclones that were sold in North America. I have two or three such examples in my collection -- all purchased here in Canada. I was not aware that Devil World was such a significant, albeit early, title.
  6. I am not much of a completionist, at least in terms of video games. I have utterly no interest in certain genres -- sports games and shumps, for example -- so I do not either collect or play those titles. With RPGs (which I do love), I try to play the series in order. I am currently on Dragon Warrior 4; I previously finished #1, I got stuck in #2, and I did not much care for the design/structure of #3, so I quit after the finishing first chapter. That said, while I have played most of the Final Fantasy games, I started with 7 and went through 12 before circling back to the NES (and SNES) titles.
  7. To bump my own thread, just this afternoon, at a local thrift shop, I purchased two (unscanned) issues of the Official PlayStation Magazine from 2004 (for Cdn$.99 each, about US$.72). I also purchased an issue of EGM (already scanned) and I passed on an issue of GamePro (also already scanned) and some issues of an Xbox magazine (about which I do not care). Alas, the magazine pages are too big to fit my current flatbed scanner, but at last I can finally join the august ranks of those members with issues waiting to be scanned.
  8. JHD

    "Partial" Issues

    I view these "partial" issues as a placeholder. Obviously, people would like to have full and complete issues, but a partial issue will serve until the full issue can be scanned. That is how I organize my (personal) files -- for missing scans, I gather together whatever content I can find from those issues. If I eventually acquire the whole issue, then the random pages become redundant. Obviously for some issues, there are only one or two pages available. That is not worth creating a PDF, but what about 15 or 20 pages that include multiple different articles? For example, source A scans articles relating to Sonic games, source B scans reviews of PS 2 RPGs, source C scans all of the articles by a favourite columnist, and source D scans random advertisements. Organizing this content by its original source allows one to reconstruct a magazine that has not been scanned in its entirety; it is imperfect but it is better than having nothing. I have not yet created an example; I shall do so and see what feedback I receive.
  9. JHD

    "Partial" Issues

    Some magazines have not (yet) been scanned in their entirety (or at least the scan is not publicly available), but sometimes individual articles have been scanned by different people for different purposes. For the last several years, I have been collecting scans of miscellaneous pages from gaming magazines where the full version is unavailable. These have been scraped from a wide variety of places (websites, message board postings, etc.). Presently they exist only as an organized collection of scanned pages, but I am considering creating more easily handled PDF files. I would be doing this entirely for my own use, but I wonder: 1) Is it worth uploading these partial/incomplete issues somewhere? I would think that having access to some of the issues' content is better than no access at all. 2) If so, where? I have encountered at least one example on archive.org where only the first 20 (or so) pages of a magazine were scanned; nothing further. This was annoying because there was nothing in the description to indicate that the issue was incomplete. Any thoughts?
  10. JHD


    I have limited interest in British magazines (sorry), but here is an excerpt from my personal magazine index for this game. It is not exhaustive of all gaming magazines in existence. MediEvil -- Advertisement, OPM 2.7, p. 59 -- Preview, EGM #110, p. 72; GP #120, p. 72; GP #121, p. 96 -- Review, EGM #113, p. 261; GP #122, p. 172 -- Strategy Guide, GP #123, p. 269 GP is Game Players; OPM is Official PlayStation Magazine The page references are to the scanned PDF version; the print version may differ slightly.
  11. A bit of a bump, but I just discovered this thread. Technically, the last console that I bought was the NES Classic, but it remains sealed in the box (in a storage unit, in another province) as I do not currently have a TV with HDMI inputs. More practically, my newest console is a PS 2 slim -- purchased new in about 2008. I am waiting on a price-drop on the C-64 Mini (they are currently at about Cdn$65 at my local Wal--Mart).
  12. It is interesting that the cover story of that issue was an unreleased game. I have heard the stories about the background, but I was not aware that it was so very close to release that a strategy guide was available for it.
  13. That is an interesting perspective, thank-you. It never would have occurred to me that the target audience was so young. Yes, by 1992 I was an adult, out of school, and employed. While I had a (modest) income, I also had more pressing things to buy than gaming magazines. Even back in the early-1980s, I never read gaming magazines -- partially because I had no independent income with which to purchase them, and mostly due to the lack of distribution. Stores in my neighbourhood did not seem to stock them; I certainly do not recall having seen any on local newsstands.
  14. I was not playing console games in the 1990s -- I essentially skipped from the 2600 to the PlayStation -- so I never paid any attention to the NES and SNES magazines. That said, does anyone have a sense of how well titles like this sold BITD? Personally, I would only have purchased an occasional issue if there was in-depth coverage of a game that I had (or that I planned to get). I simply could not justify buying it on a regular basis, much less subscribing. There would be many issues with no relevant content. Obviously, today with generally much larger collections, and emulation, the situation is much different.
  15. I agree! I am passionate about aspects of (Canadian) history, and I routinely travel great distances just to visit specific museums to see particular exhibits. I have spent a great deal of money on this (travel, accommodations, meals, admission chargers), but I very much enjoy the hobby, so it is money well spent. There are some amazing private collections as well -- one local collector, who was profiled in a magazine, literally has his own museum -- but as I will never be able to view them, they might as well not exist.