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  1. Was this a free publication like The Computer Paper? The archived website mentions that it had distribution through Blockbuster and other places, but I do not recall ever seeing it anywhere. I lived in Edmonton between 2001 and 2005, so not exactly a small town, and I was actively interested in gaming at this time so I would have picked-up a copy had I seen it anywhere. I wonder if "national" circulation meant that it had distribution in Toronto and Montreal (and maybe Ottawa).
  2. Thank-you for the recent run of magazines that are not Nintendo Power!
  3. I was initially confused by the title since Final Fantasy III was a Japan-only release. Then I realised that it is actually a guide for FF VI. The first game in the series that I ever played was VII on the original PlayStation, so I am more familiar with the Japanese numbering system. I have since played all of 1 through 12, except for 3 and 11.
  4. I expect that the description will be more entertaining than the book itself. Thank-you for sharing this!
  5. Somewhere there exist class pictures from my time in kindergarten. All of the boys are wearing plaid pants. I would not be surprised if most of those outfits came from the local Eaton's store (and are featured in this very catalogue).
  6. JHD

    Metric Paper

    The public photocopiers at work try to "guess" the correct size of paper for a document. Invariably, the choice is A4. Of course there is no A4 paper in the machine, so it throws-up an error message and then someone has to come and manually change the settings.
  7. My solution to unwanted games is to donate them to Goodwill -- that is where their endless inventory of sports and music games comes from. Even if they eventually get recycled/landfilled, you at least gave someone else a chance to acquire them. There is a Goodwill donation depot close to my neighbourhood, and I regularly donate books that I have read, clothing that does not fit anymore, surplus coffee mugs, etc. I spent much of Summer 2020 clearing my closets and cupboards and most of it was donated. It is a very liberating feeling. On the other hand, nobody is getting my JRPG collection -- though I would consider a trade for a light-duty pickup truck...
  8. My desk includes: A framed photo of my Family and I A small souvenir from Paris (gifted to the previous occupant of my office; left behind when he moved on) A rock from Prince Edward Island (made from unique, red-coloured sand) On my walls are my diplomas and a large framed historic photograph from the 1950s. I usually also have a calendar showing either historic Canadian scenes or architecture/buildings.
  9. JHD

    EGM #237

    I see that there is a cover image for EGM #237 in the database, but it is listed as "Missing". It seems that this issue was never published: https://kotaku.com/the-final-copy-of-egm-that-almost-never-was-5126035 Is there a better/more descriptive way to flag it in the database? It will be "Missing" until the end of time as no copy exists to be scanned. In the alternative, does anyone have a copy of the version that was supposedly made freely available online?
  10. I am interested in locating Canadian content in unusual places. A website mainly devoted to television/radio has scanned a large number of vintage electronics magazines. What is relevant to this audience is that a few of these titles are Canadian. Electronics Today (ETI) Canada, for example, includes both advertisements from Canadian firms and hardware reviews for (vintage) computer equipment. This is a great source to determine what was actually available for purchase (and at what price) here in Canada. https://worldradiohistory.com/ETI_Magazine_Canada.htm I am unaware of any Canadian computer magazines for this time period, though I would be happy to learn of any.
  11. I am a big fan of strategy games. I am currently on my Nth play through of the freeware game FreeCol (a modern remake of the Sid Meier classic Colonization). There are many different options and different strategies to try. I will play this game for several months, move onto something else -- probably an RPG -- and then cycle back to it. I have never replayed an RPG, though I still keep the games I have beaten (or tired of) in case i change my mind.
  12. Wow! I had no idea that prices were so high! I have not purchased anything video game related in several years, mainly because I have not seen anything for sale at retail that I want. I do have a fairly large collection of PS 2 RPGs (and a solid handful of PS 1 RPGs). I have no plans on selling anything (I don't need the money and I enjoy having the games), but I should get a value estimate of my collection for insurance purposes.
  13. JHD

    Black Widow

    I never read comic books growing-up, so there is no nostalgia there for me; I am also rather older than the target audience. I abandoned the MCU with Iron Man 3. It just became far too much of a soap-opera with too many characters and plot-lines to follow. I enjoy both mindless action movies and really complex dramas, but please do not attempt to blend these two genres.
  14. What a horrible environment! I assume that nobody ever makes (or receives) telephone calls or discusses topics that they do not wish to share with everyone else. I have always had my own office (albeit sometimes very small). I can have my own pictures on the wall, I can talk on the phone as required, and I can even listen to music if I so choose. I can only imagine the uproar that would occur if management tried to abolish personal offices.
  15. I have no nostalgia for these old magazines simply because I did not read any BITD. I sold my Atari 2600 in 1983 to acquire a computer, and I did not revisit console gaming until I bought a used PlayStation in about 2003. To this day, the most recent console that I own is a PS 2. I have since discovered emulation, and I am now able to play all of the amazing console games that I had missed in the intervening 20 years. In terms of vintage magazine content, I am mainly interested in reviews and (especially) strategy guides and walkthroughs. As for why I visit Retromags, obviously for the magazines (though there are not too many issues/titles that I want that I have not yet acquired from here or elsewhere), but I do also enjoy participating in the forums. I wish that there was more activity and discussion, but I am doing my part.
  16. I like to maintain a sharp distinction between work and not-work, so I refuse to "work from home" on general principles. I even stopped taking vacation days after January 2020. (HR has since forced me to take days off as I have too much accumulated vacation time.) That said, I am a librarian with a strong emphasis on doing research for our clients. Given that I do not have a comprehensive reference collection in my apartment*, I cannot easily do my job from elsewhere. *Actually, I do have a very large personal library, but the subject matter does not relate to my job.
  17. It is always great to see more Canadian content online, even in unexpected places! Was this a one-off special issue, or was there an actual Canadian edition of Sports Illustrated? I have never seen this title before -- though admittedly I am not much of a sports fan.
  18. Well, a Blue Cross is the name/trademark of a major Canadian insurance company so that would not really solve the underlying problem.
  19. This is yet another good reason to maintain personal copies of everything that looks interesting. I have no idea how many of the game magazines that I have downloaded are no longer available online (once I have them, there is no further need to look for them), but I do know that I have copies of other material that is no longer available. In some cases, content creators have chosen to monetize previously freely available content. I have no interest in sharing or redistributing any of this material, of course, but my own local, offline copy is utterly immune to anything short of a major catastrophe. I do not even trust cloud storage as I do not have full control over it.
  20. That is so great that the incomplete/unreleased issue was preserved. I have seen a few other examples -- In the early-1990s I worked at what is now the Nova Scotia Archives. We received the records of a recently defunct local magazine, which included the very last issue that had not been published. It too was in some odd Mac format, but my colleagues were able to recover and print it.
  21. This was the only issue between #1 and #138 that was not available somewhere online -- only the front and back covers and one internal page had previously been publicly available. The fact that it was an RPG-centric issue made its absence even more annoying. Thank-you for filling this gap!
  22. Do you happen to have any earlier issues? In about 1982 or so, my Parents took an evening cake decorating class at the local community college. My Father really got into it, and he produced some impressive stuff. (Mother rather less so.) Thanks for inadvertently triggering a memory that I had long forgotten.
  23. I just love the idea of grabbing the page images from the eBay auction and using that to recreate the guide! Making the content available in some fashion is better than waiting for the "perfect" copy.
  24. What a specialized title! I recently watched some videos about the CD32, and my impression was that it was a system in search of a market niche. I had no idea that it supported its own magazine.
  25. I never had an SNES when they were new (my attention was on other things than video games at the time), so I am now exploring all of the great RPGs that I had missed. I have just started Chrono Trigger. Despite it being almost 26 years-old, the graphics are still impresssive, and the gameplay has surprising depth.
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