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  1. MontrealTurbo

    Areala Asks: What's Your Favorite Season?

    I live in Canada so summer all year long baby
  2. This doesn't help collectors who want original hardware but at least now there are replacement sticks you can use on any old n64 controller. It's actually not that hard to replace and fixes basically the one wear item on them.
  3. MontrealTurbo

    Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    Trying out splatterhouse 2&3 for the Gen and since I picked up a SNES a few weeks ago - Super Ghouls N Ghosts. I know it has a reputation for not being easy and to me it's well deserved.
  4. MontrealTurbo

    Areala Asks: Games You Always Wished For

    Outpost in the pre 32 bit era Why? Nazi zombies PS: I've never played it but just ordered copies of Splatterhouse 2 & 3 so you can see where my head's at
  5. MontrealTurbo

    Podcasts - What do you recommend?

    Hi guys I've got to give Retroblast another +1 Anthony's got the voice and stories that make his episodes great. The only shame is I go through them too fast and I'm almost all caught up Cheers
  6. MontrealTurbo

    Favorite movie based on a game?

    Ouch yes sorry I was wrong. Being such a fan of his work I really should have known that. I guess I thought he didn't survive his recent stroke. Thanks Areala
  7. MontrealTurbo

    Favorite movie based on a game?

    Clue was a good one with the late great Tim Curry. It also qualifies on this list as it's a game as well.
  8. Hello MontrealTurbo, Welcome to the Retromags Community!