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  1. Hd/data Recovery Software.....

    I had a problem like that when i lost my vista boot. i partitioned my drive in orther to install xp on the second drive but that messed up things. I had to do a clean install of vista. Ived tryed lots of soft but the one that worked better was file scanvenger. it will take you lots of hours to do a search (deep search) but youll get everything back(as long as you don throug new stuff on the drive lige other data). Be prepared to have a pen drive handy so you can transfer the files back to the pen and not to the hard drive again.
  2. Computer Fans Are Too Loud

    Try a program called speedfan....
  3. Best Graphic Card For Retrogaming?

    To play ps2 games youll need a beast of a card...
  4. Dvd Burner

    Ill second that. and cheap too.
  5. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    I bite my nails a lot so...if i turn it upside down i think ill have a surprise...