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  1. My first MP3 player was a Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB I paid approx. $50 (Fl. 100) for it. I still use it for Christmas every year. I hook it up to the speakers. I like the rectangular watch face of the Gear S better as well but since I got the Gear S2 for free I'm not complaining.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the hard work! I can't tell you how happy I am to have Nintendo Power from the beginning all the way through the '90's in digital form I know how time consuming it is; I've scanned several comics and also the magazine; Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review before. I kinda want to own every issue of Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review and preserve it digitally. There's so much valuable information in there regarding toy collecting. I'm not brave enough to unbind and cut the magazines however.
  3. Awesome game, I loved playing it! I didn't own it, but I used to play it in the toystore where they had a NES multi cartridge system where you could put money in the machine ( Fl. 1 approx. $0.50) and pick the NES game to play until you died! Battletoads was always a favorite pick of mine. I loved that enemies were being "smashed through the TV"! Glorious! Years later I still haven't made it past the race stage yet.
  4. I mostly listen to action figure Podcasts. These are HIGHLY recommended: Toy World Order with 2 Podcasts; Dave & DeVall's Toys and Collectibles and Married to the Collection: http://www.toyworldorder.com 2 Podcasts! All kinds of discussions about; modern and vintage toy collecting, conventions, public auctions, flea markets finds, etc. Very fun show, my current favorite! The Geek Easy Podcast: http://geekeasypodcast.podbean.com Discussing the hobby of toy collecting, geeky movies, and more. All geek, all the time. With Pixel-Dan! There are a few WWE episodes as well because he's a Wrestler and famous for YouTube MOTUC reviews (Masters of the Universe Classics). MarvinDog Media with 3 Podcasts. I only know: Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff: http://marvindogmedia.com/talkingtoyspodcast Remember your favorite toy of all time? Taylor and Jeff do, and chances are, one of them owns it. Each episode of Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff will focus on a toy line from the past. Come take a walk down memory lane. -- VERY cool podcast of all vintage Toylines! Both Popular and Obscure lines are covered. He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner: http://roastgooble.libsyn.com Wacky, often tangent-ridden, not-too-serious podcast dedicated to all things He-Man and the Masters of The Universe & She-Ra: Princess of Power. The FwooshCast: http://fwooshcast.thefwoosh.com Discussions of action figures, toys, comics, movies, and all other manner of geekery. From the ""Famous" The Fwoosh toy news website!
  5. The best thing about being a kid was being able to immense myself carefree with all the Toys, Cartoons, Shows, Movies, Comics, Magazines and Videogames! There are too many moments that stick out. It's just a fuzzy nostalgic feeling altogether. I'm still young at heart!
  6. I haven't bought Mario Maker yet but plan to! Zelda maker would be awesome!!!
  7. I used a Walkman way after the Discman was released. I used the Walkman everywhere I went. I experienced the quality going up. I didn't see the point of a Discman. I found CD's too valuable to take along with me everywhere and didn't want them scratched up. Not to mention the fact that you needed an expensive Discman with some form of memory to prevent CD skipping in case of a bumpy ride and living in a village there were lots of bumpy roads. I did eventually own one for about a year after I bought a CD burner for the PC. As memory recalls that set me back $700 in the year 2000 O_o I didn't mind taking copies of the expensive CD's with me on the road. I retired the Discman a year later in favor of a MP3 Player. It was glorious to have a few hundred of my songs ripped from CD in 128kpbs on a 1GB MP3 Player. I started buying older used CD's to expand my collection fast. I especially bought a lot of greatest hits of the decade '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. Smart watches are a new thing too now. I just a Samsung Gear S2 for free with the Samsung galaxy S7 Verizon offer. Pretty awesome, I feel it's like Knight Rider
  8. I've recently played and beaten The Walking Dead Season 2 on the PS3. Awesome game, the story is great! I'm looking forward to Season 3! The Last of Us is my all time favorite Zombie Apocalypse game and I hope a second game will be released. I played and beat Super Mario World on the SNES emu after that. Once I got the Blue Yoshi; I kept him and finished the game through all the levels with Blue Yoshi. I'm currently playing Red Dead Redemption on the PS3. It's my first time playing it. I love the open world sandbox
  9. I recently started to drink Ginseng tea to beat low energy levels instead of coffee, so far it seems to help. Raw or Dry Roasted Nuts and seeds help too. Especially sunflower seeds, almonds and pecans. I always add some raisins to make it less dry and sometimes add some chocolate baking nuts in the mix. Sunflower seeds are only $2 for 16oz at trader joes. That's my main staple in a mix. I had horrible experiences with energy drinks
  10. Thanks for the tip! I checked out their video. It looks like they were sitting just between the lightning bolts; pressing down while mashing punch. I have to try that when I have time to replay the game again; which I will since I'm very nostalgic about it. I only had 8 NES games in my childhood and the Batman game is one of them.
  11. NES - pack-in Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt Game Boy - pack-in Tetris and bought Spider-man along with it. SNES - pack-in Super Mario World and bought Super Mario All-Stars along with it as it replaced my NES. Megadrive - pack-in The Lion King and bought Bubsy along with it. PC - First PC game I bought was Tomb Raider Game Boy Color - Yellow Version bought with Pokemon Red Saturn - pack-in Tomb Raider N64 - Bought used with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. PS2 - Silver edition for free with purchase of a Nokia cell phone with 2-year contract. First game bought was DragonBall Z: Budokai GameBoy SP - Bought used with Pokemon Crystal and several other games I can't remember... NDS - Bought for download play to multi-play games with my wife; then ordered R4 after; Found Metroid Prime Hunters in Parking Lot. Wii - I pre-ordered Skyward Sword first, then bought the system with pack-in Mario Kart and bought New Super Mario Bros. along with it. PS3 - pack-in The Last of Us and bought Diablo III along with it. Wii U - Bought used with New Super Mario Bros U, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Super Mario 3D World. NintendoLand. GameCube - Found in a dumpster with Pikmin 2 (System and Game are both in working condition) PS1 (1st release) - Found in a dumpster with Spyro the Dragon (System and Game are both in working condition) (I worked as a Janitor and had to clean dumpsters and Parking lots too. I got lucky a few times )
  12. NES Batman for me as well!!! I finally beat it years later on Emulator using the save states. The Joker battle is insanely difficult even with save states every few seconds!
  13. I prefer physical copies for collecting. It's nice to look at the shelf to see the accomplishment. I'd rather not spend money on digital because a hard drive failure could occur and there's the extra cost of bandwidth to reacquire the digital copies if possible.
  14. I like the voting system. Great idea. I voted for several Nintendo Power issues
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