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  1. I have an alternate cover for PSM #42. A videogame store near where I live had two of that issue. One had Rayman like the one pictured in the database, but there was a second one which had Dante from Devil May Cry and Samanosuke from Onimusha illustrated by Randy Green. I bought that one.
  2. PowerGamer

    PowerGamers Images of...Stuff

    Album name says it all
  3. I would buy it, except I have all but 4 of the games on their original cartridges. A Mini Super-Nes with Earthbound included would be different though...
  4. Year: 1994 Pages: 132 Price: 700 Yen This guide focuses on the different characters you begin with and can recruit, items, weapons, armor and monster statistics.
  5. Year: 2007 Pages: 434 Price: 1429 Yen
  6. PowerGamer

    Crystalis Clue Book

    Year: 1990 Pages: 16 Price: Free This was free from a send away ad in Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games issue 21(Bart Simpson is on the cover),in the mailbag section. It's all text, except for an ad for Ikari Warriors III on the inside front cover and Touchdown Fever on the inside back cover. Table of Contents: 1. The Story 2. The Controller 3. Worn Items 4. Event Items 5. The Clues 6. How To Fight The Bosses
  7. Year: 2006 Pages: 228 Price:1048 Yen With fold-out poster/maps
  8. Year: 2006 Pages: 324 Price: 1333 Yen
  9. Pages: 263 Price: 952 yen Release Date: August 03, 2004 With a foldout map for each game attached.
  10. Pages: 154 Price: 1000 yen Includes fold-out poster drawn by Akira Toriyama and 10-page manga drawn by Kaneko Osamu.
  11. Hi. I'm Tim, a 39 year-old in North Carolina. I discovered Retromags some time back, but don't remember the circumstances. I've been building up my retro game/Nintendo Power/strategy guide collection somewhat lately, and that made me think to check back on the site. Right now, I'm scanning, editing and uploading around 20 covers to strategy guides I bought when I studied abroad in Japan a few years ago.
  12. The size of this guide(as in dimensions, not page count) is actually small like that of a Japanese Strategy guide, which makes sense since this was originally published in Japan.
  13. My cover scan of Japanese video game magazine Family Computer issue 11 June 7, 1991, although it most likely means the 11th issue released that year. I don't know too much about this magazine, since its the only issue I have and I had never heard about it until getting this off Ebay years ago. It has 232 pages, including a 15-page manga titled Lagrange Point. It seems to focus on Famicom and Super Famicom.
  14. This is the scanned and edited cover of Famitsu issue 57.
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