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  1. trioptimum

    Your Shameful Gaming Secrets

    I bought DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
  2. trioptimum

    Areala Asks: The Million Dollar Question (20160802)

    I don't mind my job. But nothing could stop me from noping right out of there if I didn't financially need to be there. I wouldn't live more lavishly, I'd just work full time on the projects I currently have to try to cram into the scarce intervals where I'm not at work or exhausted. Might even make more than one gaming history video a year...
  3. trioptimum

    25 dumbest moments in Gaming History

    I think this is it:
  4. trioptimum

    Video Game Music Recommendations For Babies

    There's an artist called 8-Bit Baby who creates lullaby versions of classic Nintendo tunes. He's got three albums of it on Spotify.
  5. trioptimum

    Welcome to Retromags! Introduce Yourself (2016 Edition) Released episode 2, about Bungie's early years, last week, about 8 months after starting work on it. I'm in the research phase of the next one now.
  6. trioptimum

    Welcome to Retromags! Introduce Yourself (2016 Edition)

    Hey all. I'm Chris, a 37-year-old developer from the UK weaned on the BBC Micro and, later, MS-DOS. I make a series for YouTube about the stories behind older games, creators and hardware, and magazines are a really valuable source of research and visual material for that project. That and they're just a lot of fun to leaf through. This field of preservation of gaming history is very important to me and I'm looking forward to getting involved in any way I can.
  7. Hello trioptimum, Welcome to the Retromags Community!