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  1. Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill for sure.
  2. Yeah i saw that earlier today I'm really excited for this one. I especially loved the music on the trailer, high hopes.
  3. I rarely played the regular tecmo bowl but when tecmo super bowl came out ohhh nooo. It was over for me as far as football games tecmo super bowl is the only one i play, me and a friend always go to the wire usually in a hail Mary play. Fun fun fun!
  4. Super metroid is one of the best all around games from the mood the music and atmosphere to the gameplay. I used to put headphones on and just take my time with this one listening to the music.
  5. 3 is underrated for sure from the music to the bosses, a classic for sure.
  6. Another one of the greatest intros ever. I loved having the double shadow.
  7. Another one of the greatest intros ever. I loved having the double shadow.
  8. This was and is one of the most difficult fighting games I've ever played frustrating as heck especially when you finally defeat someone then lose to the next and get bumped down. Larcen, midknite, and trident were my favorites. This game rarely gets any love but it'll always have a special place in my heart.
  9. I played this and the sequel ghoul patrol and had many fun nights playing this in my room with my little cousin and we'd both wear 3d glasses just to get into it a little more.
  10. Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 had some of the greatest NES intros for a game heck even now they hold up great.
  11. The original gauntlet is still one of my most favorite classic arcade games to play in multi player of all time. I always was the elf in arcade's green elf needs food badly!
  12. 1 Legend of zelda 2 Super punch out! 3 Tmnt 4: turtles in time 4 Super Mario all stars + world 5 Super Mario kart 6 Super metroid 7 UMK3 8 super street fighter 2 9 Paperboy 2 10 NBA jam
  13. This and part 2 were tied for my favorite twisted metal games. The statue of liberty secret made me laugh when i saw it.
  14. I remember this and NBA jam were my 1st 2 genesis games i owned. I got them on the same day from a pawn shop and put this bad boy on. I was anxious to see if it had the secret shang tsung fatality I always loved the intro with the lightning, and the music was amazing! Living forest and the armory were my favorite stages.
  15. I actually bought one for 5 bucks a while back. I've yet to plug it in and try it but i have it displayed against my wall.
  16. Ebay, game over or flea markets are a good bet.
  17. Eternal darkness. But i mean to go back to it one day..
  18. I used to play this on the Gameboy and the genesis back in the day. The boulder level and the bikes on the genesis were my favorite levels.
  19. I always loved playing volleyball with the followers/worshippers. I know it gets no love from most but I've always loved this game especially the fatalities.
  20. Man i loved this game despite the load times. Me my cousins and like5 or 6 other friends would all hang out and take turns playing winner stays loser well passes the controller to someone else. I specifically remember a dual shock psone controller they had that was broken on the joysticks kuzz one of them broke it previously while playing this very game. Fun times
  21. 1 Paperboy 2 Excitebike 3 River city ransom 4 Ninja Gaiden 5 Super mario bros 2 6 Tecmo super bowl 7 Gauntlet 8 Legend of Zelda 9 Super Mario bros 3 10 Metal gear
  22. Resident Evil 2 Metal Gear solid Resident evil director's cut Ballistic No one can stop MR. DOMINO Parappa the rapper Tomba 2 Mk trilogy Tekken 2 Driver
  23. In no particular order: 1 Link's awakening dx 2 Tetris 3 Bugs bunny's crazy castle 4 BattleToads 5 Super Mario Land 6 Super Mario land 2 7 Snoopy's magic show 8 Tmnt 1 9 super Mario advance 4 10 River city ransom ex
  24. Thanks te72 much appreciated
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