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  1. Still not working. I tried downloading multiple files at once this time as opposed to getting them one at a time. Turns out I can only download 3 magazines at a time, and my daily d/l limit capped out at 3 total downloads. At this point I was better off a newbie where I was at least able to get 5 issues a day no problem.
  2. The PS Vita is a complete and utter failure. It's sold worse than the Wii U. Also, Sony doesn't make first-party games. Nintendo does. Nintendo's main appeal is on the backs of their first party efforts. It's stupid for them to have two platforms because they are splitting their resources and competing with themselves. If Nintendo only had one platform to concentrate all their efforts on, then they would be in a stronger position because anyone who wants Nintendo games would be forced into that one platform and they wouldn't have to decide between two Nintendo options. I don't understand how this basic logic is wrong. You did nothing to disprove it. You just said the Wii U is bad because X Y Z reasons. My summary of Nintendo's situation and your reasons for Wii U's struggling can both be true at the same time. As for Nintendo becoming a pariah developer, people have been saying this since the 16-bit days. You don't have to like Nintendo, but you also don't need to over-dramatize things like this. Look at the recent success of the NES Classic. There is a lot of love for Nintendo out there - they just need to tap into it with the right product. To say that the entire mainstream gaming community will suddenly hate Nintendo's brand name is very weak, non-persuasive rhetoric, and pure emotional nonsense.
  3. Still getting the error. This time I was able to download 4 things and got the error on my attempt at getting a fifth magazine.
  4. Are you sure? Because to me it seems PC gamers are the ones most vocal about how consoles are holding gaming back. It makes sense when you realize that a console's hardware stays stagnant for 5-10 years, and a game designed 4 years after the console's launch can look a generation behind what a contemporary fully upgraded PC would be capable of. Granted this isn't as much of an issue nowadays with console revisions like the PS4 Pro and Scorpio becoming a thing, but it's still somewhat of an issue nevertheless.
  5. Now the error comes back at every fifth download instead of every third.
  6. Too bad the PC gets cuckolded by the console peasants when all the PC developers make all games - even for PC - based on console specifications, and all that extra horsepower of the PC is largely ignored.
  7. Reading the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough in #102 really takes me back.
  8. I was downloading one at a time and got the error after the third download attempt.
  9. Xbox 360 sold more because of Sony's infamous "599 US Dollars" and "you'll need a second job" gaffes at E3 2006. PS3's launch was at 3DO levels of bad. Even Trip Hawkins was cringing.
  10. The past two days of attempting to download magazines has resulted in an error message after I finish downloading 3 things. I get a message that says "Sorry, you don't have permission for that! You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete." I got the error message yesterday after the 3rd magazine was done downloading, I waited a whole day, and then today I get the same exact message after another 3 downloads. I had no problems downloading 5 per day as a newbie. It's only since hitting member status that this error has happened. On an semi-related note: I was looking into earning Patron status to bypass all this download limit business, and I had a question about indexing magazines. Do I just click 'Edit Issue' on a magazine page and put the info in there and that's it? Does the site log my edits automatically, or do I have to show an admin what stuff I edited before getting Patron status?
  11. But if you look at the Switch as a continuation of Nintendo's portable line rather than console line, then the Switch is a huge leap forward from the 3DS, and it would be unnecessary for it to have specs comparable to the PS4 or Xbone. The main point is this: Nintendo can no longer survive by supporting both a console and a portable at the same time. They don't have the ability to split their resources in such a way and have two successful platforms. Imagine how much stronger the 3DS could've been if they didn't have to waste so much time and money propping up the Wii U's corpse. Imagine how much stronger they'll be going forward if all their efforts are concentrated into one place. Then you factor in if they can maintain the great third party support of their portable line and you have a decent chance at a real winner.
  12. The DS was significantly underpowered compared to the PSP but it destroyed it in sales. Same case with the 3DS vs the Vita. Heck even the Game Boy vs the Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Don't look at Switch purely as a console. Think of it more as a continuation of their portable line, but with the ability to function like a console if you desire it to.
  13. I was under the impression they still sold print editions since the magazine reboot? Unless my mind is playing tricks on me I know I've seen it in newsstands at some point within the last 2-3 years. I remember because I thought to myself how sad it looked and when I flipped through the magazine it was only 1/2 or 1/3 of its former size in pages. Maybe I'm confusing it with something else but I could've sworn it was EGM.
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