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  1. It's possible, but I don't remember the contraption he's holding. All I remember was some review or report on being able to put your games on a floppy disk... and now that I think of it, wouldn't that rule out Nintendo Power? Surely Nintendo wouldn't promote something of the sort. So that kind of narrows it down. The magazine I'm thinking of was somewhere between 91'-'93 or so.
  2. A year later, I'm still wondering about it...
  3. This won't be a very interesting post. Just trying to find a couple old issues that I had as a kid. I remember there being a mag where Final Fantasy II (IV) was reviewed, not by the mag itself really, but by a kid who sent in his comments along with a picture of himself. I think I remember him giving a thumbs up to the camera? It might've been a contest where he won a copy but I'm unsure. The kid definitely gave his comments on FFII though. Something from another mag that I remember (at least I think it's not the same mag, or at least the same issue), is that there was a little computer contraption that hooked up to either an NES or an SNES and it copied your game onto a floppy diskette. I remember seeing the copying hardware and a diskette (probably 1.44mb). The only two mags that really ring a bell to me are Electronic Gaming Monthly and Nintendo Power. The FFII thing can probably be from either, and the game copier definitely isn't Nintendo Power (for obvious reasons ), so the latter may be Electronic Gaming Monthly. I'm looking through the NP and EGM issues now. It's probably somewhere between '90-'94 or so.
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