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    Physical vs Digital Games

    I prefer both Physical and Download titles, let me explain my reasons.... If it comes to Phyisical I rather have Cartridges, so we're talking about mostly retro gaming, and as an exception Nintendo 3DS and so on... But I prefer digital downloads for everything that came out on CD / DVD / Bluray for the simple reason of when you collect those, there's something called "CD rot".... After 25 years of using a CD format style media, it stops working.... so you need to throw it away or keep it as a gimmick you can"'t use anymore... That's where digital downloads might be handy, it's always available, and I'm assuming, by the time the digital download is unavailable, something else will be there in the future...
  2. TheWez1981

    Why don't more people play on PC?

    I like Steam, I buy alot of Indie games on it, Also I have the FInal Fantasy remasters on it.... I once bought Final Fantasy VII from Square itself, and after 3 times activating it, it stopped working, so I bought it again on Steam and never had the issue anymore... As for indie games, I like to play: Mercenary Kings, Retro City Rampage, Shovel Knight, Stardew Valley.... And what I like on Steam is the achievement and card system.
  3. TheWez1981

    Top 10 Super Nintendo Titles

    My personal Top 10 SNES Games is - The Legend Of Zelda - A Link To The Past - Super Metroid - Donkey Kong Country 2 - Super Mario All-Stars - Secret Of Mana - Street Fighter II Turbo - Killer Instinct - Super Double Dragon - Gradius III - Mario Kart
  4. TheWez1981

    Top 10 NES Titles

    My top 10 NES Games is the following: - Shadow Of The Ninja / Blue Shadow (EU) - Solstice - Turtles III - The Manhattan Project - Nintendo World Cup - Double Dragon II - The Revenge - Gyruss - Castlevania II - Simon's Quest - Boulderdash - Tetris - The Legend Of Zelda
  5. TheWez1981

    Where do you buy you older systems?

    I buy my retrogames at I'm Belgian, it's a Belgian shop located not far away from my home. It has decent prices, especially because I have a 15% discount, because I helped him style the front page of the website shop
  6. TheWez1981

    Earliest Gaming Memory

    My first gaming memory is at my aunt's and cousin's place.. Every weekend me and my mother visited my aunt, and my cousin had a NES. The earliest memory of that is that my cousin owned Zelda II... So I played the game, deleting his save file, but not on purpose. He was mad at the times then, but later on I bought his NES with the game with it
  7. TheWez1981

    What systems have you actually played?

    I mostly play on Nintendo consoles, but with growing older I played other consoles as well, because some consoles offered great games Nintendo didn't had. So here is my List Consoles - NES - SNES - N64 - GameCube - Wii - SEGA Genesis - SEGA Dreamcast - PlayStation 1 - PlayStation 2 Handhelds - Game & Watch - Game Boy Classic - Game Boy Advance - Nintendo DS / DSi - Nintendo 3DS - PSP
  8. TheWez1981

    Whats your favorite classic video game magazine?

    My favourite magazine is a dutch magazine called: Power Unlimited... Later on I also bought the dutch version of N-Gamer
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