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  1. Phillyman Experiments With Photo Editing

    Just my 2 cents, but I'm not sure I like the difference; in both cases the colors seem oversaturated. In the first image, the reds are too strong, and in the second, the yellows seem overpowered. Other than possibly some sharpening, I don't think the originally scanned images need much work done (well, if the vertical lines could be eliminated, that would of course be great). On the whole, I wouldn't mess with color that much; just try to smooth out scuff marks, creases, things like that - leave color profiles for the user to decide (very dependent on display settings anyway). Or at the very least, look at the image on 3 or more displays (not all configured by yourself) to make sure they still look good.
  2. Getting Rid Of My Old Magazines

    Holding off is fine, these have been sitting in a closet for years, a few more weeks isn't a problem I'll probably look into packing them up next weekend. I should be able to fit that set into a single box, and weight should be under 20kg (I'll throw in the few other non-MMS mags you left out if they don't bump the weight past 20kg), so shipping will probably be ?17.20 - I'll PM you final cost & my PayPal address when I send them out.
  3. Getting Rid Of My Old Magazines

    (switching back to English) I'm not a google member, but not that interested in mag scans, so I'll pass on the invite (and my bandwidth limit is more than taxed by my current use, so maintaining a torrent ratio on top of that would not be very feasible anyway). As for shipping costs within the country: - EUR 12.90 for one parcel up to 10kg - EUR 17.20 for one parcel up to 20kg - EUR 21.50 for one parcel up to 30kg So the total cost would depend on a) whether or not I can fit them securely in a single box, and/or whether you want them all or a subset.
  4. Getting Rid Of My Old Magazines

    Sorry voor de trage reactie; ik woon in Mechelen (en werk in Kontich); geen van beide is echt dicht bij Gent vrees ik. Ik heb zelf ook geen wagen (of rijbewijs) dus ik vrees dat afleveren ook niet echt een optie is).
  5. Getting Rid Of My Old Magazines

    Hi, the reason I registered was to say that I have some old mags lying around doing nothing but consuming closet space, and I would be more than happy to donate these (i.e. sell them for shipping costs only). The mags I have are: Mean Machines Sega (UK): #1 (OCT92) - #27 (JAN94) Bits and pieces of these (a handful of reviews only at this time) are online already at CVG (Computer & Video Games) (UK): #131 (OCT92) - #145 (DEC93) EGM (US) #41 (DEC92), #45 (APR93) - #61 (AUG94) Video Games & Computer Entertainment (US): March 93, May 93, June 93 Mega Force (NL/BE) (in Dutch) #6 (Summer 92) Mega Force (FR) (in French) #10 (OCT92), #20 (SEP93) - #24 (JAN94) Sega Pro (UK) #20 ("Special Issue", JUN93) Sega Magazine (NL) (in Dutch) #2 (APR93) Computer Gaming World (US) #131 (JUN95) 4 Dutch-language mini-mags that were sent as part of the official Sega Club in Belgium Most of these come with supplements (like the Go! handheld-only mini-mag that came with CVG, and the Sega Force mini-mag that came with EGM). Obviously the combined mags do weigh quite a bit, making for fairly expensive shipping to the US (see here); for the full set of magazines, the weight is about 27kg, so it would be €104 (approx $140). If I can't fit all of them in a package that's within the size bounds for a single parcel, I may have to split them up; in that case the cost would be €52 + €78 = €130 (approx $175). That's without insurance - you REALLY don't want to know the prices for shipping options that include insurance. Obviously if you're only interested in specific mags, the shipping price drops (for reference, the MMS mags weigh 9kg, EGM 8.4kg, CVG 5.1kg and the rest 4.1kg). Similarly, if there's a scanner located in the EU, that would make the prices drop as well. Update: All magazines are now gone, sent to meppi for scanning.