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  1. XFactor

    what is your reason for downloading magazine scans?

    Lost most of my magazines throughout the years. This way I can preserve them.
  2. Kickstarter projects tend to overpromise and never deliver. Keji Inafune's Mighty No 9 is a good example.
  3. IF PC games were the only market, then games developers would have much lower budgets. For most games, the bulk of sales come from console game sales.
  4. Should have bought some Apple stock back in 2000.
  5. XFactor

    Podcasts - What do you recommend?

    Easy Allies for games.
  6. XFactor

    What Halloween Candy Did You Hate Getting

    Old people candy, tootsie rolls and liquorice
  7. XFactor

    Crystal Pepsi

    Vanilla coke and crystal pepsi need to be permanent shelf items.
  8. XFactor

    Market for Old OPM Demo Discs

    People sell them on ebay, sometimes for rediculous prices.
  9. XFactor

    Do Boobs Help To Sell NES Games?

    It certainly is not a deterrent of a sale.
  10. XFactor

    Where you from?

    Canada here. I used to buy GamePro magazines when I was a kid. Most of them got thrown out over the years
  11. XFactor

    Link Action Figure (I WANT ONE)

    Amiibos have good detail and character resemblance, especially for a figure of its size.
  12. XFactor

    Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    Stay away from No Man's Sky. Biggest letdown in a long time.
  13. XFactor

    Nintendo NX Console

    The PS4 in Japan is on pace to sell more units than the Wii U's Japanese lifetime sales by the end of the year.
  14. XFactor

    Electronic Gaming Monthly... Is it DEAD?

    The internet made most of the news obsolete. Old magazines used to do previews and post a few outdated screenshots.