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  1. I haven't seen the CUPodcast clip yet. But it's funny that you mention, that is exactly how I stumbled upon Pat The NES Punk. Hopefully we get more people on here. The more people on here, means a better chance of getting scans we don't have and better preservation numbers. Congrats Retromags!
  2. Start going to yard sales, you should be able to find one fairly cheap.
  3. Haha! Yes!! I found that it was mostly gum that did that to me.
  4. Yeah, but I thought that might have been a running joke or something. :/
  5. Man, I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's vast but people are turning it off after a few hours of game play, for that reason. My hope is that it doesn't bore people out of real-life space exploration. :/
  6. Nice! I don't bump into a lot of Saturn players out there. There are a lot of decent titles on there.
  7. Nice! I see a lot of European and Japanese Amiibos, going for cheap prices. Were they the North American versions?
  8. It is black and white, with the exception of the turtles that entered the dimension. They called the dimension the "Primary Turtle Reality". I believe (like Transformers), there will be some super fans that like everything TMNT related, kids of parents who grew up with comic and TV series will have told them about it. If the casual fan is watching, they got a little hint about what came before with this episode. It is pretty cool, and better than anything Bay could have ever done with it. I've linked the episode, it's called Trans-Dimensional Turtles
  9. I never had access to the comics as a kid, so the cartoon was my first exposure to the Turtles. I do like the comics, and would love to have some originals, some day. I watched one episode of the new Nickelodeon TMNT, my wife was flipping through the guide and stopped on it because she knows I'm a fan of the original. I was just about to explain that to her, and funny enough, it was a cross-dimensional episode where they'd jump into different Turtles universe, one was the original comic, and the other two was the 80's and 90's cartoon.
  10. The demos that go for ridiculous prices are usually the demos that came with games (mostly Capcom and Squaresoft). The Demo that came with Tron Bonne, comes to mind.
  11. I just found out that they're back in business. Nintendo said that it was okay. Apparently they're doing one of their own and that was the issue.
  12. Google would have been a better stock to pick up, after you sold your Yahoo shares at their peak. Until a few weeks ago, I have never seen a save fail or batter die.