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  1. I haven't seen the CUPodcast clip yet. But it's funny that you mention, that is exactly how I stumbled upon Pat The NES Punk. Hopefully we get more people on here. The more people on here, means a better chance of getting scans we don't have and better preservation numbers. Congrats Retromags!
  2. Start going to yard sales, you should be able to find one fairly cheap.
  3. Haha! Yes!! I found that it was mostly gum that did that to me.
  4. Yeah, but I thought that might have been a running joke or something. :/
  5. Man, I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's vast but people are turning it off after a few hours of game play, for that reason. My hope is that it doesn't bore people out of real-life space exploration. :/
  6. Nice! I don't bump into a lot of Saturn players out there. There are a lot of decent titles on there.
  7. Nice! I see a lot of European and Japanese Amiibos, going for cheap prices. Were they the North American versions?
  8. It is black and white, with the exception of the turtles that entered the dimension. They called the dimension the "Primary Turtle Reality". I believe (like Transformers), there will be some super fans that like everything TMNT related, kids of parents who grew up with comic and TV series will have told them about it. If the casual fan is watching, they got a little hint about what came before with this episode. It is pretty cool, and better than anything Bay could have ever done with it. I've linked the episode, it's called Trans-Dimensional Turtles
  9. I never had access to the comics as a kid, so the cartoon was my first exposure to the Turtles. I do like the comics, and would love to have some originals, some day. I watched one episode of the new Nickelodeon TMNT, my wife was flipping through the guide and stopped on it because she knows I'm a fan of the original. I was just about to explain that to her, and funny enough, it was a cross-dimensional episode where they'd jump into different Turtles universe, one was the original comic, and the other two was the 80's and 90's cartoon.
  10. The demos that go for ridiculous prices are usually the demos that came with games (mostly Capcom and Squaresoft). The Demo that came with Tron Bonne, comes to mind.
  11. I just found out that they're back in business. Nintendo said that it was okay. Apparently they're doing one of their own and that was the issue.
  12. Google would have been a better stock to pick up, after you sold your Yahoo shares at their peak. Until a few weeks ago, I have never seen a save fail or batter die.
  13. Black licorice is the worst! One of a very short list of candy that i won't eat. Bleh!! Lol. Did you know that you can make batteries out of pennies made after 1982? You just need a little bit of vinegar, some cardboard, and wire, or aluminum foil.
  14. Yeah, but man, they were hard as f__k! Have you replaced a battery before? I've got a Zelda DX that needs a battery. I've got a few thousand games in my collection and have seen a ton of doubles in my day, and this is the first time in 25 years of collecting, that I've seen it.
  15. They're filming the new It just up the road from my mother and father-in-law's place. My sister-in-law took a picture of the house. Looks pretty creepy! That list of movies being reboot, looks good, I didn't more than half were getting a reboot. I started watching the new Turtles movies, saw Megan Fox, got sick to my stomach, and the anxiety of seeing the poorly designed Turtles came back and I had to shut it off. It took me two original movies and four seasons, to put it out of my mind again. :( There is talk of an animated movie or a series again. I forget what they were going to call it "Ecto-something-or-other", (was a pretty lame name), but it would be awesome to have the original cast, with Dave Coulier as Lorenzo Music, back.
  16. Lol. Amazon.ca and Chapters.ca had 5 Animal Crossing Amiibos on sale, and Charizard for $5-$6 each.
  17. I love how more prototypes are making their way into the hands of people who can preserve games. Some home-brew games are so good! You'll never have a complete set, because of these. I'm doing my best to get a CIB NTSC/U NES collection I think I just passed 60%, it's still a long way to go, but I see a faint light off in the distance. I've been looking through my old Nintendo Power mags just after I got back home in March, I've noticed so many games that weren't released for the console that it was advertised to be on, or just nixed, completely. I've been wanting to get my hands on a reproduction copy of California Raisins: The Grape Escape, for some time now, but don't have the money. Man, Capcom made some great games back in their hay days.
  18. I've got a buddy who has all of the novels. I'll send him a text and ask him to bring those three up with him, when he comes to town for a visit. I'm glad that got squashed. Have any of you tried the Metroid 2 remake? It's very well done, I've been playing that the last few days (which explains my small absence the last week or so), we had a massive storm 152mm in less than two hours, I don't even know what the total was. I have a ramp to the deck in the front yard, and a drain pipe that runs underneath, turns out that was plugged, and water pooled by the house and couldn't escape quick enough through the weeping tile, and a part of my video game room got soaked. I didn't lose anything, because I my wife noticed it an hour after I checked it. Man, the amount of time moving stuff to a safe area, sucking the water out, and waiting for the carpet to dry, then putting it all back together.... I would have been pretty upset if I'd lost some of my harder to find NES and SNES boxes, manuals and carts. :/ It's good to be back, and dry.
  19. I'll have a look through one in the morning and find a little bir more about them. I see that Nintendo Power has been put up on Archive.org recently. Did you guys have a hand in any of that?
  20. There are so many ads in NA game magazines!! Famitsu? I've never heard of it. Shows how sheltered of a life I've lived in small northern community, Canada. A thousand plus pages, that's quite a feat! I'd like to thumb through one of those, one of these days. How far does printing date back? Expensive? Would be neat to have an issue #1, to show all of my gaming friends, and my son when he's old enough to (hopefully) appreciate it. Man, yeah. Those JRPGs, all the characters are the same. Teen-aged kids in some kind of magic school for gifted brats. I can't really pinpoint when this started to happen. My wife really enjoys them, and I'll sit down and watch her play, but I miss the Chrono Triggers, the Breath of Fires, the Lunars, Vagrant Story, the Wild Arms, the Star Oceans, the actual fantasy Final Fantasys. I could go on an on. We celebrated our first year anniversary tonight, and I picked up the remastered Odin Sphere and the new Star Ocean for my wife. I'm looking forward to that one. To stay on topic, I beat the original Zelda, not too long ago.
  21. Lol. How do the Japanese video game magazines compare to North American? The artwork must be pretty amazing. Reviews a little more harsh? I really want to learn Japanese. I've been meaning to and actually started when I was in University but slowly stopped and I don't remember much. My intention was to pick up all the Famicom and Super Famicom RPGs that never made it this far. I don't really want to resort to a reproduction translation, but if I don't get on it soon, I may have to. :( I've been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8, lately. Trying to 3-Star 200CC.
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