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  1. Is there any area to see the 'queue' so to speak for what issues of different magazines will upcoming? My interest of course specifically pertains to EGM, but any sort of information would be interesting to see.
  2. EGM by far. I read some Nintendo Power and occasionally picked up a Game Informer, but EGM was the shining city on a hill of my adolescent years. I would read those issues front to back until the pages wore out, getting far too excited for upcoming releases. I think those were truly the halcyon days of gaming journalism, I doubt it's heading back to that level of quality.
  3. I thank this site for bringing to my attention that EGM still exists in an online capacity. I admit I was simply searching for a nostalgia-trip, but to see them covering current games has me far too excited tonight. Thanks for all the great work uploading these classic magazines.
  4. Hello eagerbeaver, Welcome to the Retromags Community!