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  1. I don't remember this one at all. I am looking forward to reading it.
  2. I agree with most here. I think it was the price of it and also the fact that it did not seem to have much availability either. I don't remember ever seeing any hardware or games being sold anywhere but the gaming stores.
  3. The game was awesome, but I never beat it. The sequel just did not have the same feel (I guess the setting made the first one great) but I did have fun with it.
  4. I am looking to see if anybody can recommend some older console games (pc is alright too) that play in the style of Diablo 3? I mean besides the obvious Diablo and Diablo 2. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Well, there you go. The west did cause consoles to suffer because the developers here never wanted to focus on consoles but instead PC, so they treated consoles as the bastard child getting the hand me down version.
  6. I miss the days when console games were only on consoles. PC games are great, but I still think when publishers started to publish the same games on both console and PC, the genres of games took a big hit on both. I know the market has changed and now the only way to stay in business is to sell millions upon millions of games and sometimes that isn't even enough, but still I miss the old days when console games were made by publishers playing to the strengths of the console (Playstation, Saturn, Genesis, etc) they were publishing for, and were not worried about figuring out how to fit the next big PC shooter on to whatever console they are trying to shoehorn onto to. That's how we got games like Nights, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong Country; they were all focusing on just one platform and learning to push it too its max. That's just my opinion though.
  7. Hello classicgamer78x, Welcome to the Retromags Community!