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  1. Big retro fan here. Getting the switch though. First ever game was probably pong at my grandfather. First game I owned was the Nintende Game&Watch game Lion. Then the atari, commodore plus4, commodore 64 etc, etc etc. Bit off topic: my grandfather was quite the tech nerd in his day, repairing tv's and what have you not. He actually had a huge stack of computer magazines from the early 80's. Unfortunatley when he passed they were all dumped in the trash (I was not around to save them). I remember atari age, computer games and videogames.
  2. The most recent systems I have bought are actually not the newest Kids on the block you might say. I went on a bit of a retro console obsession last year. Ended up buying a NES with RGB mod. Simply stunning razor sharp graphics on an Original console. After that I also bought en RGB modded SNES mini/jr. As far as I am concerned the Original hardware with mods is simply the best way to play the games. Finally, I also bought the nes classic mini. Regular pre order since i detest al the flipping and scalping.
  3. The CD rom today multi media tool chest (may 1996) and the Video and computer games and computer entertainment issue 22 are still available. So if anyone would like to have them just let me know.
  4. Thanks for the compliment and the status change! Just trying to make a little contribution to something so close to my heart. Also, the way that Kiwi has handled the scanning and editing is top notch and I wouldn't hesitate shipping more magazines to him for preservation. I do have a few boxes in the basement that still need to be weeded out, so who knows what I will find there (no idea really).
  5. Hi everyone. In addition tot the other magazines I mentioned I also found some other magazines: Nintendo Magazine System (UK): - issue may#8 - issue oct#25 - issue sept#36 - issue jan#40 - issue mar#42 - issue apr#43 - issue july#46 - issue june#45 - issue sept#48 Computer and videogames (UK) - issue no 154 (Sept 1994, DKC Cover) Other then some dutch magazines for now that is it. I have some boxes elsewhere that might have a few more, but won't be cleaning those out for now. Kiwi. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in from this lot. I will then go see what the shipping would cost.
  6. I see that there have been no reactions thus far. any advice from anyone what I can do? Right now I have no time or knowledge about scanning.. I would love to donate to some one but no one seems interested. I would not mind shipping to the USA if prices are not too high either by the way.
  7. Hi guys, I have a few old magazines I found cleaning up. I don't want to keep them but would like to donate them to the community. I am willing to pay for postage as long as it is not expensive. I was advised to post them and see who would be willing to do the work for preservation. These are the mags that I have found that are all listed as missing on this site or are just out of the preservation range. I live in the Netherlands so anywhere in Europe would be preferable. EDGE ISSUE 118. Christmas 2002. (NOT ALLOWED) EDGE issue 35. October 1996. MISSING CD rom today multi media tool chest may 1996. MISSING Ultimate future games issue 1. MISSING. Ultimate future games issue 12. MISSING. Ultimate future games issue 14. MISSING. video games and computer entertainment. Issue 22. November 1990. MISSING. Ultimate gamer issue 2 september 1995. MISSING.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am still cleaning out some boxes where I might find some more. I will make a thread once I have double checked everything. Not much as far as terms of donation. Just that the costs to ship them are not too excessive.
  9. I have a few magazines that are still earmarked as missing that I would like to donate. Where can I send them to??
  10. Alex1

    Magazines to donate

    I have been cleaning my basement amd have a few diffrent magazines that are listed as missing. How can Imdonate these?? I live in the Netherlands so close to home would be nice.
  11. After keeping NES and SNES boxes and manuals for years I left to college only to have a spring cleaning undo all that. And now years later seeing the value they could have been.
  12. I like the list. Probably too many 3rd party games. But who knows?
  13. RGB Modding consoles

  14. Can't have just 1. Atari 2600 was very important. But without the PC's that were still selling games after the crash who knows in Nintendo would have risked releasing the NES. Unfortunately the consoles spelled doom for the arcades...
  15. indeed. Amazing work. my favorite is Gaiden 1.
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