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  1. The problem back then was that very little western titles were released in Japan, and some had poor or not any kind of localizations. I checked my charts and from 368 games released in Japan only 5 were partially released by a western publisher, all EA games published by their joint company with Square soft, Electronic Arts Square, at the time most of the exposure japanese fans got from western developers was Nintendo's Rare games and Sony's Naughty Dog games. As the western scene started to outpace the japanese one more and more games started to come over, but western publishers still weren't in Japan, GTA became huge in Japan thanks to Capcom and Call of Duty is a success there thanks to Square Enix, it wasn't until a few years ago where most western publishers opened branches in Japan and started localizing themselves and its no concidence that western games are more popular than ever in japan, GTA V sold over 1m, Minecraft over 3m, COD consistently sells over 400k and western games consistently show in magazines nowadays, both God of War and Detroit were covers of famitsu issues this year.
  2. Hello, I've been an user of this site for a couple of years but have been unable to help, until hopefully now. I archive japanese sales data, the oldest of which can be found on Famitsu, or Famicom Tsushin at the time, right now I'm trying to archive all the Top 30s on famitsu issues released between 1986 and early 1995, so far I've saved 108 issues of the 319 I'm currently tracking, this has been an effort going back several years. One major issue when doing this is that the issues, until 1993, don't say what period are the tracking, so I, with the great help of other people managed to piece together what period tracks each issue, a thing that was needed to to this was the cover of the each issue, and we managed to get most covers between Famitsu #1 and #319 with less than a handful missing, not all are on great quality but I figure after all the help this site has been I should give something back. Covers are present there, I have higher quality (not in all cases) of some of the covers present there, if they're needed I'll gladly help. My intention is for them to go here: so I'm not sure if a height of over 500px is necesary.
  3. Hello supafami, Welcome to the Retromags Community!