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  1. i have a "modded" snes. as in cut the tabs out. one day i hope to get a copy of terranigma.
  2. thanks for taking the time to check around. i havent been able to turn up anything either. i'll keep looking. i want to make my DKC cart look better then it does now. I have things floating around here and there if you get the other stite up and running. i have a few 2600 items i could contribute if they are not readly available yet.
  3. hey all you awesome scanners out there. was courious if anyone could help me out. I'm looking for a few lable scans. I'm looking for Donkey Kong Country 2 and also the Player's choice of super mario world. I would like the top scanned as well. In short i found a few games at a garage sale and the lables are torn to crap. My girlfriend works at a paper company and can score me up some professional lables if i can get scans of the origionals. I can scan a game or something in return if needed. If no one is able to help me does anyone know a site where i can get good scans of the lables? i have been looking and have turned up nothing. thanks guys!
  4. any plans on redoing any of the covers? or making an effort? the cover of 105 that i have looks icky and i just scaned mine and it seems to have less lable gunk on it. any interested or know of any other really bad covers?
  5. I just got issue 143 done. i'm going to take a break for a while and then do one more.
  6. I wonder if it would be worth it to start to send out some quick messages to see if anyone has the other two. there have been butt tons of people that have downloaded the collections. maybe try at google? just to see if anyone has them. or i guess if they get tracked down it would be easy to crack open the cbz and update it with the new covers. i seem to remember a few other issues that might have two covers but now that i'm really thinking about it i think that was Inquest. nevermind. also note: poster from issue 144 (DW3) is done and edited. working on issue 143 next (mario party 3). i'll up what i have somewhere so philly can take a look at it and let me know if its good to go. these upload site suck. its going to take an hour to up it. weak.
  7. i really dont care. i'm going to scan the rest of 128, you can do so as well. if yours looks better then use it. it really doesnt matter who does it or who gets credit as long as the quality rocks. so if a few of your pages are in better condition i would hope those would get used over mine, eh? same thing goes for all the rest. when scans start rolling in and one of my mags seems to be in better condition then what was provided i'll take the time to scan whatever pages to make it better quality. but i'm ready to rock today, i'm awake and i hope to slam out quite a few or all of these today. RetroDragon/Phillyman: do you know what covers are out there so far for issue 92? i can add the boba fett one if needed. just curious.
  8. the resolution of the actual file is at 2382X3096 but i shrunk it for image shack. do you want what i have so far? i have the cover, the outside flap, the back cover, the inside back cover, and the first page of the poster. looks good to me, eh? do you have aim or anything or somewhere i can toss these up? i didnt do anymore cause that other guy posted he was working on it.
  9. already scanned most of it, but whatever. i wont do issues 127, 128, and 129. I'll be working on the rest of the issues i have posted.
  10. out of what you don't own, i have: 92 I have the boba fett cover, not sure whats floating around so far. 123 124 140 w/ Magi Nation advertisement. (and card somewhere too if i look hard enough.) 143 144 When i was going through the crate i found some loose stuff. maybe some of interest? Super Power Supplies Insert: Winter 1996 Spring 1997 Fall 1997 Winter 1997 Spring 1998 Winter 1998 Summer 2000 Winter 2000 ^^some of the super power stamps are cut out.^^ Pokemon Power Insert 1(aug 98)-6(jan99) N64 Power Tips (bonus 38 page issue.) Previews '99 +top tips '98 subscriber bonus. Also found some old Inquest mags. lol forgot about those.
  11. this was posted within the torrent at mininova. "From EP's tracker: A butt load of Nintendo Power Magazines from Retromags.com I've extracted the CBRs and optimized the images to reduce filesize but NOTquality. They look just the same if not slightly cleaner now. Instead of CBR or PDF they are just JPEGs. Since that is what most seem to prefer. Here's what's included in the pack. If you want smaller releases go visit Emuparadise's forums at EPforums.org. I will be uploading each magazine seperate via rapidshare after this torrent is seeded decently." thought you might like to know. and i have issue 131, i'm looking at it right now. has tony hawk on the cover. looks like mine has all the crap for it too (posters, pokemon cards). i would have to track down the promo ccg pokemon card that came with it but i do that have somewhere. and, not sure if you got my message before, but did you have the special cover thing on the front of your issue you are scanning?
  12. the one on mininova sucks. its the samething but compressed twice. the mags are around 30 megs insted of 60 or so. the one on google is fine. sucks someone compressed them more.
  13. Faygo Black Cherry pop. and when i cant get that i have been getting those Arizona teas in the big cans for 99c. yum. ...you crazy non-michiganders using the word "soda".
  14. my name is earl the office the simpsons (re runs pre 11th season) conan if i'm up that late. thats about it. i just finished watching the tick on dvd a little while back.
  15. i'm about 20 pages in. do you have the pikmin extra cover thing with the letter on the inside? if not i can send mine your way. what issue could i help with. i can check what i have.