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  1. I was introduced to Double Dragon II in the special "Pocket Power" issue of Nintendo Power that was given out at showings of "The Wizard" back in 1989 and I couldn't wait to play it. I didn't actually own a copy until the late 90's, but in 1990 I spent many a weekend renting it from the local Erol's Video Club. To this day I don't think I could give anyone an accurate description on how to perform the hurricane kick (if I am remembering the name correctly), but it's always a pleasure to pull off!
  2. Twisted Metal was the first disc I popped into my brand new PSX on Christmas morning in 1995 and I don't think it came out for the next week. My brother and I were blown away with the game and it surpassed all the expectations I had built up in my mind after spending the previous few months reading about it in the various game magazines. The only downside was that when my folks bought a second controller for the system, they went with a crappy 3rd party controller so whoever was stuck being "player two" ended up with rather sore thumbs from its terrible design.
  3. I will probably pick one up, despite already owning the games several times over. I just hope the lag is minimal.
  4. I had subscriptions to Nintendo Power, GamePro, and EGM from January 1992 through 1994 and even though it was a blast to read, I was constantly reminded that Nintendo Power was PURE propaganda that essentially functioned as a way for Nintendo to shove its products down the throats of unsuspecting young boys. I kept the subscription for the three years, but weighed it against the other information I was getting from GamePro and EGM; magazines that covered the broad spectrum of gaming without skewing their coverage or favoring one brand over another. In 1992, I bought a Sega Genesis in anticipation of the Sega CD, but up until that point my gaming experiences had been solely Nintendo-based.
  5. As an insolent and unruly youth, I stole $50 out of the purse of a friend of my mother's to add to my meager teenage funds in order to buy my Sega Genesis in October of 1992. I probably won't get into heaven unless I pay her back...
  6. Super R-Type was the 4th game I acquired for my SNES after receiving the system in September of '91. I spent a good deal of time playing the game, but I don't remember ever passing farther than the 3rd level without using some sort of cheat code. I'd try again in my old age, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to devote to tedious video games. And there was quite a bit of slowdown in this game, but the epic soundtrack did a lot to distract from that issue. Back in the early 90's I had my SNES hooked up to a pretty decent stereo system and used to record the game audio onto cassette tapes to play in the car...much to my parents' chagrin.
  7. My brother and I picked this up when it was released during the summer of 1992 and beat it on hard mode the first night. That said, of course we were utilizing the two-player mode. I've now owned the game for 24 years and have not beaten the game in nearly that long because apparently I suck playing alone! Great game, though. And despite certain details; sounds, art, and frames of animation lost in the transition from arcade to Super NES, I find that the cartridge version just plays better. The moves are more precise and the fact that there are fewer frames of character animation make the action to flow better for some reason.
  8. My old systems are all in Texas at the moment along with all my old carts and CDs, so I'm having to rely on the emulators on my laptop whenever I feel the need for some retro action...which isn't too bad I guess seeing as my laptop + HDTV = the ultimate video game machine I always dreamed about as a kid. Still, nothing can take the place of the feel of actual cartridges loaded in a genuine machine using brand controllers on an old school CRT TV with zero input or display lag.
  9. My sis tossed my collection of 300+ mags 12 years ago and though I managed to save a scant few, the hole in my life left by their absence has never healed. This site helps to ease that loss. Plus, as I get older, it is much more fun to READ about the old games than it is to actually play them and it takes a lot less time to do so. These scans spark areas of my brain that haven't lit up in years and once lit, I can vividly recall the circumstances, feelings, situations, and sometimes even the weather surrounding the arrival of a new issue of GamePro or EGM. Ah, memories. Those idyllic days are gone forever, but these mags are a key to their precious memory.
  10. I haven't invested in a Framemeister, though I've heard good things. My 7 year old Samsung HDTV does a decent job of inputing a composite signal without a huge amount of display lag with game mode turned on. As for the N64 though (and PS2 for that matter), they look TERRIBLE through composite. Thank Christ for Component cables on the PS2, but there is no such thing for an N64 and mine is not modded for RGB, so I just have to run Project64 if I want to enjoy my N64 games in HD resolution.
  11. My biggest mistake was leaving my massive collection of video game mags (GamePros, EGMs, Nintendo Powers, etc) in Texas after I moved away. My sister cleaned house one afternoon 13 years ago or so and THREW THEM ALL OUT. I still haven't forgiven her, but this site does a lot to ease the pain.
  12. I bought this disc at a Circuit City ten years ago...over ten years after I had bought my original Playstation. It was cheap; I had played it before and was well aware of the atrocious load times; what I was not aware of was that it had a tendency to freeze up when played on the PS2. My original 1995 PSX had bit the dust in 2000, so the PS2 was my only option and I recall I may have got around the freezing problem by making sure the extra features (smoothing and faster accessing) were disabled, but in all honestly the greatest thing about this game was playing as Baraka and not having to deal with the slowdown and lost frames of animation that plagued the 1994 SNES version.
  13. I had one of these bad boys lying around in the shed for the past 17 years after a mate brought it over one day and just left it because..well..because the Power Glove really sucks. BUT, I decided to take it out last year and clean it off with q-tips and what not--gave it a really nice detailing--and hooked it up to my old NES and lo and behold, the old bastard worked! At least, it worked as well as could be expected...which was not very well. Still, I was able to play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and have my ass handed to me by Glass Joe and I must say it was one of the most glorious video game losses I have ever experienced. The Power Glove is sooo bad, but I'm happy to say I own one. Yeah, I own it. I'm not giving it back to my no-good friend.
  14. Hello bostonpops, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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