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  1. RT @CHSommers: This New York Times article documents a large reading gap favoring girls and a small math gap that sometimes favors boys. Gu…

  2. @AtlusUSA Please bring Persona 5 to Steam. Sega has been on a role lately, and it would be nice to see some Atlus games there.

  3. @BGossin @LaloDagach @joerogan I got annoyed with her misinformation about Monsanto and suicides in India.

  4. RT @GSpellchecker: Calls themselves a critic of Islam, spends all their time going after exMuslims, atheists, Dave Rubin & Jordan Peterson.…

  5. @BothSidesDo_It Jimmy used to have imitations of Jesse on his show. Pretty accurate.

  6. @raif_badawi @kbsalsaud Please do the right thing and release #RaifBadawi

  7. @LaloDagach I'm sure Saint Anita and/or Saint Jonathan will be on it eventually.

  8. RT @legendre007: You know who’s NOT offended by @daumkeziah’s prom dress? The Chinese in mainland China. @Sla…

  9. @MsMelChen Pastor Manning knows where the dragon energy comes from:

  10. @GadSaad @jordanbpeterson @SamHarrisOrg @sapinker @clairlemon Reminds me of "Hannibal" who went after @Thunderf00t…

  11. @MsMelChen @lucasjlynch I'll believe them that they don't hate progress when they stop demonizing the West and genetically modified food.

  12. @ConfessionsExMu It'd be a hell of a lot better than any reality show out there now.

  13. @RubinReport @HulkHogan @notaxation NES on top of a PS4? That's a war crime!

  14. RT @MsMelChen: Next we will find out that cis people don't actually exist and everybody is a little trans. #StayWoke…

  15. @FFRF You're getting to be like the SPLC, an evidence-free zone.

  16. RT @MsMelChen: The @splcenter doesn't seem to understand that you can criticize the excesses of an ideology without being a bigot or enabli…

  17. RT @CHSommers: The Factual Feminist has been denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center as enabler of male supremacy. Oy vey. Last year…

  18. @GreydonSquare I didn't think a new album would be coming anytime soon so I was psyched when I heard. Got it on bandcamp. Love it.

  19. RT @MsMelChen: Life comes at you fast. Hmm I wonder what word covers having a #DoubleStandard for different groups of people? It begins…

  20. @peterboghossian @BretWeinstein We already do, SJW.

  21. @OliverKamm @RT_com @SputnikInt The Young Turks sure liked palling around with RT.

  22. @gogreen18 @HaramDeseret It's weird, one group hates men and the other hates women.

  23. @KURDISTAN_ARMY @brett_mcgurk They are Shiit.

  24. @MsMelChen Great presentation at Mythcon! Best Klan Rally of all time even without the Grand Wizard robes.

  25. @shoe0nhead Are you seeing Contra smearing Sargon?