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  1. The two magazines I have a complete collection of are PC Gameplay It's a magazine based out of Belgium, but also appears in The Netherlands. It started in June-July 1994 as PC gamepro, a bi monthly magazine. Since issue 6 (april-may 1995) it had to change it's name to PC Gameplay due to copyricht issues. From issue 16 (december 1996) it became a monthly magazine. Due to the decline of the PC market, the magazine rebranded itself and became Gameplay since issue 177 (januari 2011), since this issue they stared covering consoles and handheldgames. I really love this magazine, it came with a cd at first and later with a dvd containing trailers, gameplay footage and demo's till 2013. The magazine is printed on high quality, glossy paper, they take their work seriously. First issue is still partly black & white, it contains reviews of Ultima 8; Washington & San Francisco scenery disk for Flight Simulator 5.0, The elder scrolls Arena, UFO Enemy unkown, Myst, Beneath a steel sky and solutions to some adventure Games. Power Unlimited This magazine is based out of The Netherlands, but also appears in Belgium. It started in Juli 1993 as a monthly magazine and is still running strong. The magazine focused more on console games then pc games. It tries to be a magazine with 'tude', a lot of wise-cracking and a very chaotic lay-out. Lower quality paper, but a fun magazine. The First edition features Starwing on the cover, with reviews of Starwing (SNES), Teenage mutant hero Turtles (Megadrive), Mario Paint (SNES), Super Mario Kart (SNES) only 6,5 / 10 and more
  2. Well I'm one of those lurkers. I registered because I just love to read the old magazines, it takes me back to read about the games and systems I was never allowed to buy. In my region there weren't any popular magazines that started in the late 80's. I have a complete collection of two popular local magazines that started in 1994. So those early US magazines really give me joy. I enjoy this website and the work you guys are doing here is awesome. The only way I feel I can contribute is by giving a small donation. Hope this solves some of your questions, cause I'm sure you've seen my name in the who's online list. Greetings from Belgium.
  3. Hello dommel, Welcome to the Retromags Community!