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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has the stand-alone issues of The Adventures Of GamePro... (?) (Apologies if this has already been asked. I did a search, & it didn't come back with anything.) I don't think I ever got to read them back then, but I always enjoyed the shorts in the magazine.
  2. Really? No one? Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, C, A + Start (I can still hear the timing of how I said it in my head to get it right.) This was the Debug code for Sonic. It was so cool to be able to turn into a ring and spread hundreds around, or fill the screen with robot fish, etc. To be able to "create" the game.
  3. I Wanted to play this game So bad! I got to rent it Once, and that was It. The overall strangeness/darkness, the complexity... I was all in. Maybe I need to dig out the emulator......
  4. I remember playing this... and Liking it. (Although, it was a Long time ago... and I may or may not have been dropped on my head a lot as a baby.)
  5. (Here are those last two again, for ease of listening. I wasn't aware there was a video limit per post.) ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER Adventure! AL UNSER JR'S TURBO RACING It's all on the line! You Must Win!
  6. Obviously: DuckTales - Moon Theme Castlevania Everything from FFVII But also... ALTERED BEAST RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! The weird low metallic tones... fantasy melodies... Then you fight zombies & monsters by using the power of the Wolf to become insane ManBeasts?! GAIARES It's up to You to save the Earth! AIR FORTRESS After blasting your way through space and unknown structures, you've doomed another space station to its destruction! ...But now you're All Alone... and there is Little time to escape... (A personal favorite, I never see mentioned.) MARBLE MADNESS The level 2 music helped this game open strange possibilities in my mind. (I actually do a cover of this sometimes.) FRIDAY THE 13TH Woods... Cabins... the Killer is loose... and you Are going to Die. ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER Adventure! AL UNSER JR'S TURBO RACING It's all on the line! You Must Win!
  7. Atari - Pitfall... maybe? NES - Probably the SMB/Duck Hunt Duo Sega - Altered Beast GameCube - BloodRayne N64 - Mario 64 PS1 - Twisted Metal 2 PS2 - Simpsons Hit & Run PS3 - Arkham Asylum Yea... we've been latecomers to the newer systems.
  8. I have vivid memory burn of being on the playground with my best friend at the time, and him letting the secret slip that my aunt was getting me BattleToads for my birthday. Woah... I just got Re-excited Thinking about it.
  9. Tool's Ænima with Final Fantasy VII I first bought Ænima on my 15th Birthday, which was coincidentally the first night I rented & played FFVII. Almost 14 Years later... Still my favorite Album... Still my favorite Game. The music in FFVII is amazing, of course... but, when I lived in MI one very cold winter, I kind of unintentionally ended up playing a lot of FFVII with Ænima on in the background. It blended nicely with the endless blizzard outside.
  10. I forgot about volleyball. haha I bought a used cart a few years back, but it didn't work (and I bought it out of state, so I couldn't return it. ugh).
  11. Awesome Idea! I loved reading the manuals. I'd always take them to school so I could read them on the bus. It was like getting to "play" the game when I couldn't Really play it. I missed my stop one time reading the manual for Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.
  12. It's not Halloween Candy without these. ...but yea... totally inedible.
  13. They should make a Maniac Mansion movie.