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  1. @POTUS @VP Don't deliver or cut food stamps. INSTEAD dictate what they can be used for: NO soda, chips, snacks, can… https://t.co/Yk6fBF55sm

  2. @dallascowboys @dallascowboys We ALL agree the coaching staff needs to be replaced! Jerry Jones hasn't made a good… https://t.co/OhZi9661Xv

  3. RT @STEPHMHAMILL: The face Democrat lawmakers make when they can’t handle all the Winning !

  4. @megynkelly Don't allow the liberals to shake you. Even tho I like Fonda, she was a traitor & considered that for a… https://t.co/MSC8eBpVyj

  5. RT @kyleglover80: @FoxNews @SenSchumer Comprise or a good ole goat f-ing?, Chucky. You don’t know the meaning of compromise. You never aske…

  6. Can we get some re tweets please? Justice needs to happen! https://t.co/D4z6yM6z4J

  7. @POTUS @FLOTUS 7 words R banned from CDC? As a gay woman who voted for you, I advise U not to seek a 2nd term. U di… https://t.co/7Rj0iPlbav

  8. @ddlovato @TIME You my dear need to take a chill pill. @POTUS was voted in. Get over it already! Brave? Tsk Tsk, sh… https://t.co/KlxTY4uSMP

  9. RT @dallascowboys: .@dak joined some elite company during Sunday's game. #DallasCowboys https://t.co/62dVmdVPjw

  10. RT @DiamondandSilk: TBOS 23: "NITPICKING" Instead of moving the country forward, some would prefer to stay stuck in nitpicking. See who ma…

  11. RT @MomsAdvice2U: @HouseofCards Wow anyone can alledge anything now days and that makes the person GUILTY? Nice job netflix

  12. @Jacobatf @delaniewalker82 @NFL Ur picture shows how much of a fucking idiot you are @jacobatf

  13. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump STOP GIVING THE @NFL TAX BREAKS! They R UNPATRIOTIC fucktards & real AMERICANS R tired of paying 4 millionaires!