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  1. @poconomtn Priceless!

  2. @ABC @WSOCTV You're a joke! Can't keep a signal up for those w/o cable. Antenna users have no problem w/ @CBS @NBC… https://t.co/mvjXWY41Pb

  3. @ABC @wsoctv please fix your signal! It's not been working for several wks. No problem w/ @CBS @NBC or @FOXTV Ur si… https://t.co/bSfnrRDjcY

  4. @ABC_Publicity @wsoctv The signal has been down for weeks! How come @CBS & @NBC never lose signal? I can't watch th… https://t.co/BVhz8Ywm9u

  5. RT @benshapiro: Interesting to see the crossover between people who thought the NFL banning kneeling for the anthem was a First Amendment d…

  6. RT @Education4Libs: Dear David Hogg & the rest of you empty-headed idiots who are STILL going after the NRA: The NRA does not buy, manufac…

  7. RT @GayRepublicSwag: Just told another gay man that I am a huge Trump supporter. He replied by sending me pictures of himself at a Trump ra…

  8. Pay attention America, @POTUS @VP @FoxNews Bye Bye Ms. American Pie...https://t.co/kOBaJHJtMB

  9. RT @FoxNews: .@TomiLahren: “We can’t afford to let everybody in this country that simply wants to come in this country.” https://t.co/tzIRy…

  10. @Pink was awesome in Atlanta! https://t.co/CXwyug7WZB via @imgflip

  11. RT @Education4Libs: James Comey admits in his new book that he regrets calling Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information "extrem…

  12. RT @kelly_clarkson: Can someone tell me Kaleb’s handle on my team?? I can’t find it?! #frustrated I wanna brag on Kaleb y’all!! He’s killer…

  13. @KISSOnline Sure would be nice if you would do another USA tour. I can't afford the cruise every yr. I've been 3x'… https://t.co/5wYrlPQxBS

  14. @JimmyKimmelLive U need to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! If @realDonaldTrump gets impeached, PENCE becomes our president y… https://t.co/53Mrt1ZHO5

  15. @realDonaldTrump YOU CAVED! YOU LOSE MY VOTE! The GOP have LOST MY VOTE! YOU LIED Mr. President. YOU LIED!