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  1. That's a great cover. Edit: It's by Hajime Sorayama. No wonder it's so good. One of the best of Lara I've seen.
  2. Games featured on cover: Final Fantasy IV Easy Type Romancing Saga Ransei no Hasha Shining Force. Thanks for the scan.
  3. I think the cutoff date for scans should be drastically reduced. If it is out of print and not being offered online, every issue should be allowed if it is a magazine even if it stopped publishing recently. The same goes for strategy guides if it is currently not available for sale from the publisher. Obviously current issue of currently publishing magazine probably isn't the best idea for the sites future as you said, but are your thoughts on hosting back issues? Anyway, these are just suggestions.
  4. This has been brought before but the amount of ads and sparse content like actual guides which covered very little for games in USA magazines was its biggest con.
  5. You joke but you can actually mirror wikipedia if you want. It's about 17 GB for English.
  6. Well those are hypothetical numbers for languages since fluency kind of needs more than just book learning. But I don't doubt it was a lot of time put into the game. It was probably one of the top percentiles of my gaming history. I enjoyed it for the most part sans the grinding.
  7. This is a little late but I piled 212 hours (counting resets) in Breath of the Wild about a month ago. Getting all 900 korok seeds and all the other stuff. 100% completion.
  8. Which is coincidentally Groundhog Day here in Yankee Land.
  9. Talking about the weather on the front page? Most definitely a Japanese magazine.
  10. SEASON OF THE SAKURA – Available now TRANSFER STUDENT – THREE SISTERS’ STORY – RUNAWAY CITY – Available now MAY CLUB – Coming soon NOCTURNAL ILLUSION – Coming soon Only bottom two aren't available. I tried loading one, languages are russian and english. Haven't played them but the first one boots up.
  11. Well, it was worth a shot. I always thought your name was a holiday like 子供の日. I guess it was "St Elmo's Fire." Thanks anyway.