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  1. Thanks. Games on cover: Final Fight 2 Seiken Densetsu 2 Shining Force 2 Ys IV Shin Megami Tensei Street Fighter II Turbo
  2. Games on cover: Final Fantasy V Populous 2 Namcot Open
  3. Here to say thanks for Japanese books not uploaded anywhere else. No More Heroes one is nice. Thanks again.
  4. Yeah, my brother had this and the game when it first came out when we were kids. Classic to say the least. Still my favorite Zelda. Beaten several dozen times.
  5. Hot damn, three Famitsus in a row. Thanks.
  6. No, but I remember playing it a long time ago on an emulator. Pretty neat but never finished it. Started with the cowboy scenario. Ah, it's updated 2.5D. Interesting. Thanks for letting me know. I haven't had too much time for games lately.
  7. Some games released in the west are featured on the cover: Super Castlevania IV, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past.
  8. I also had this one as well as the official Nintendo one. I remember this one being kind of big and little color but it did state likes and dislikes for each character and always was curious if it was official or not.
  9. Thanks. Always love classic Famitsu
  10. This is a magazine issue I always wanted to look at again (I think I my brother had this issue) because I have played FFT start to finish several dozen times.
  11. More Famitsu goodness. Thanks.
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