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  1. Thanks! Pocky & Rocky 2? if i remember you have to do a tutorial first unless you skip it unlike the first game
  2. first issue? sweet! no i never bought this so must download it
  3. Thanks! i notice that this mag has like 48 pages. must be a thin magazine like comic books
  4. PSP is now only one handheld i play on my computer i don't like Game Boy series very much. in fact Pokemon games are very tough because of too many trainer battles.. it annoy me. cheat codes don't help
  5. when i get Sega Genesis in 1993, i was very excited so i play Sonic 2 for all day lol i think i get rental games as well.. one of them was Mortal Kombat 1 it was awesome memory for me
  6. i should re-download Ninja Gaiden but Super NES this game as Trilogy so i will try. it's good game to play! unlike Shinobi, it don't have bad guys look like Godzilla, Spiderman, etc
  7. i remember i rented this game, not my cup of tea. i prefer Mortal Kombat and Tekken
  8. i play them everyday lol if i don't then i will be bored
  9. i don't have problem with play retro games on my HDTV or my computer as well my tablet.
  10. don't know that someone rented a PS1 console! from Rent A Center?at least you own it i never rent any consoles however i rented some games for Genesis, Super NES and PS1 beside the games that i owned but not anymore
  11. i love all cheat codes especially Infinite Health/Invincible, Inifinte Money, etc check out Mortal Kombat's other cheat- Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down it's spell Dullard! lol and very easy to activate this code i also remember MK 2 had Test Codes both from Genesis by the way my first cheat code software was Game Genie for Genesis. i now have Codebreaker for my PS2
  12. Selling my Sega Genesis and Super NES for Yard Sale.. i hate that cr@p! at least i keep my PS2 forever. no one mess with my PS2 or i will freak out like this-
  13. NES- Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and Mickey Mousecapade- my 5th or 6th or 7th birthday gift.. can't remember Sega Genesis- Sonic 2, it come with the Sega Genesis model 2 console yes!- my x-mas gift Super NES- Super Mario World and Super SFII- i get them from local video game store PS1- Mortal Kombat 3 and Demo Disc- my 14th birthday gift PS2- Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance- also my x-mas gift i'm now 34 and still playing and of course still reading old mags lol
  14. Real Console: PS2 Emulators: Sega Genesis Super NES PS1 PSP