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  1. Thanks! Pocky & Rocky 2? if i remember you have to do a tutorial first unless you skip it unlike the first game
  2. first issue? sweet! no i never bought this so must download it
  3. Thanks! i notice that this mag has like 48 pages. must be a thin magazine like comic books
  4. PSP is now only one handheld i play on my computer i don't like Game Boy series very much. in fact Pokemon games are very tough because of too many trainer battles.. it annoy me. cheat codes don't help
  5. when i get Sega Genesis in 1993, i was very excited so i play Sonic 2 for all day lol i think i get rental games as well.. one of them was Mortal Kombat 1 it was awesome memory for me
  6. i should re-download Ninja Gaiden but Super NES this game as Trilogy so i will try. it's good game to play! unlike Shinobi, it don't have bad guys look like Godzilla, Spiderman, etc
  7. i remember i rented this game, not my cup of tea. i prefer Mortal Kombat and Tekken
  8. i don't have problem with play retro games on my HDTV or my computer as well my tablet.
  9. don't know that someone rented a PS1 console! from Rent A Center?at least you own it i never rent any consoles however i rented some games for Genesis, Super NES and PS1 beside the games that i owned but not anymore
  10. i love all cheat codes especially Infinite Health/Invincible, Inifinte Money, etc check out Mortal Kombat's other cheat- Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down it's spell Dullard! lol and very easy to activate this code i also remember MK 2 had Test Codes both from Genesis by the way my first cheat code software was Game Genie for Genesis. i now have Codebreaker for my PS2
  11. Selling my Sega Genesis and Super NES for Yard Sale.. i hate that cr@p! at least i keep my PS2 forever. no one mess with my PS2 or i will freak out like this-
  12. NES- Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and Mickey Mousecapade- my 5th or 6th or 7th birthday gift.. can't remember Sega Genesis- Sonic 2, it come with the Sega Genesis model 2 console yes!- my x-mas gift Super NES- Super Mario World and Super SFII- i get them from local video game store PS1- Mortal Kombat 3 and Demo Disc- my 14th birthday gift PS2- Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance- also my x-mas gift i'm now 34 and still playing and of course still reading old mags lol
  13. Real Console: PS2 Emulators: Sega Genesis Super NES PS1 PSP
  14. it was awesome game to play. Genesis it is. i should download this game for my Genesis emulator
  15. did someone say Twisted Metal? i love this game! it was good game to play. i have all 4 of them. but never play Small Brawl however, first game don't have Axel. he appears in the sequels only even PS2's Twisted Metal Black and Head-On
  16. i remember i owned this game on PS1. it was fun. i often play it with my sister really! she loves Kitana while i like Male Ninjas, Liu Kang, Rayden, Kabal, Sonya and Mileena
  17. EGM- it was my first video game magazine and it blow my mind lol Gamepro- yeah what Melki said. it was cool magazine ever Gamefan- not many as two others above Tips & Tricks and Codebook- i still have two of them Playstation Magazine- yes! i just order one issue from Amazoin, it focus on PS2's Launch Game Informer- i stopped read them because of current next gen consoles that i don't like PS3, PS4, etc that's all. but i have old EGM issues in my USB so i can read them on my tablet yes! i remember some of them
  18. no idea Gameshark Magazine exist! but i know there's Tips & Tricks's Video Game Codebook. it was fun to read those!
  19. i know Crystal Pepsi come back but i don't drink soda anymore. i prefer Drink Mix such as Grape, Apple, etc. i also drink various juices for breakfast that are not regular orange juice. they now have many flavors like Fruit Punch
  20. first Toejam and Earl game yeah it's why i like the second one.
  21. Angry Birds and Ratchet & Clank i own those on DVDs i also like the first Mortal Kombat movie and Street Fighter Movie.. which was Raul Julia's last movie :( funny, i remember i borrow my friend's MK movie VHS (back in 1995 and 96) then i give it back to him (after i finish watch a movie) and he told me that his cousin love this movie.. guess what? he was 3 years old! true story! we was teenagers at the time
  22. i get my first computer late in 2009 yeah, it changed my life. it let me download everything, browsing the internet and play emulators on there! my computer is Dell and i'm a Windows 7 32bit user
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