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  1. Following page has info on the resurrection "http://www.westpark-gamers.de/index.html?/GI/articletable.html&wpgref=http%3A//www.westpark-gamers.de/en/menue.php" This page has an overview of the mag and an interview with the editor "http://www.westpark-gamers.de/index.html?/Artikel/gamesintl.html&wpgref=http%3A//luding.org/cgi-bin/GameData.py%3Ff%3D00w%5EE4W%26gameid%3D5194" This page has some info about the newer issues "https://www.nobleknight.com/ViewProducts.asp_Q_ProductLineID_E_312801881_A_ManufacturerID_E_-1364331848_A_CategoryID_E_0_A_GenreID_E_105" Hope the above is usefull for you. PS Excellent work on your scans on archive.org
  2. Just as a small addendum, I've been doing a bit of digging and In 2004 Games International was re-started from issue 17, but ceased publication in 2005 after issue 23.
  3. Not sure if I'm remembering correctly But I think "Edge" magazine (UK Version) Issue 100 came with 100 alternative covers
  4. When I actually get round to sorting through my magazines (it's going to be a while as I'm sorting all my machines & software out at the moment and I've budgeted 6 months for that to be completed) your quite welcome to the GB Action's that I have, I'm pretty sure that they are in good-very good condition. All I would ask for is the cost of postage and a copy of the scans when complete. I think I have about 20-30 boxes of magazines with approx 50-60 mags per box going back to probably 1983-84 for some systems. Not sure how many would be appreciated on here though as most of them are computer rather than console based and most scans I've seen on here are for consoles (not that I'm complaining). Anyway I'll update people with what I have and what I will be getting rid of when I get round to sorting them all out. Regards C0llector
  5. Hi, One of my first posts on here, but I think meppi was asking about this magazine in another post. I don't have much information but can verify the following :- Magazine name = GB Action Issue 1 1992-06 Published by Europress The last issue that I have is Issue 23 1994-03 also published by Europress Out of these 23 issues I do have 19 of them and I'm pretty sure that the magazine did continue past issue 23, I recall seeing issue 26 on an e-bay auction at some point. Being aimed primarily at the Gameboy the magazine doesn't have an enourmous amount of pages. Most of this is from memory as most of my magazines are boxed up on a pallet at work waiting to be sorted. Regards C0llector