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  1. How to send an e-mail (1984)

    the software "Download" was kinda cool. Also from what I recall compuserve had MicroNET in 1979(which was 4yrs before I was born) we(my house) got the "Internet"(which is what we where told compuserve was by the salesman) in 1990 I honestly don't think we even used it. I was much more into BBS games and forums which compuserve didn't really have at the time.
  2. Sort by Date?

    There is no way to sort all magazines by first issue date is there? I am trying to find Console magazines started before 1985
  3. My wife and I have been playing 80s and 90s Consoles(mainly NES) via RetroPie and where finding it tough to decide on games to play... so I had a thought, What if we played games recommended by magazines from the era.. so I set it up that every 3 months a new Year passes.. so in Real World months 1-3 we only have games available for NES from 1985 then months 4-6 we will have all the 1986 games as well.(just made a script copy the games using cron) Then on the ipad we have GamePro, Nintendo Power, Nintendo Fun Club, Nintendo Power Flash, EGM Magazine , and a few other odds and ends so we can read about "upcoming games" and reviews etc as seen through the eyes of the people at the time. Just need to find some better material for 1984(people anticipating release etc),1985 and 1986 after that there is lots of info... all we have to go on so far is early issues of some of the magazines mentioned above Looked back on already released titles. So far we are in the begining of month 1... having a tough time finding launch game reviews etc from the time when we get to 1987 reviews are easy
  4. Basically I am looking for a magazine that covered the NES launch id prefer U.S.(as im canadian) but Europe would be good too. Obviously there are tons of magazines covering 1987 on up for consoles but I cant find much for 83-87 when NES launched and also those early game reviews
  5. Download question

    newsgroups are still alive and well
  6. Hello Dreded, Welcome to the Retromags Community!