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  1. I prefer EGM for most systems but NES was really best with Nintendo power.
  2. Yeah people forget when NES came out the market was dead, by the late 80s it was booming again
  3. You know nintendo power had a super gameboy magazine that was packaged with the system, anybody have that.?
  4. Yeah this was the best of the whole series
  5. We all have stories like that of selling off stuff only to seriously regret it.
  6. Maniac Mansion for NES seemed interesting but I never could seem to get into it.
  7. I think EGM started to go downhill around 2000 or so.
  8. Not buying Certain NES games when I had the chance
  9. This I think was the fattest EGM ever, it was almost like a phone book! LOL
  10. I had one of these but the duo broke and I sold it, ive been meaning to buy a new one.
  11. I mostly play emulation on my psp and tablet now simply because I am moving and all my stuff is in storage. Usually I'll have a CRT with a few systems hooked up.
  12. I think my earliest memory was seeing the NES when I was 5, maybe 1987 and I watched my neighbor who was maybe 14 or 15 at the time play Faxanadu.
  13. I preferred Alien Crush to Devils Crush but both were pretty good.
  14. Really it is worth tracking down some old crt TV. I prefer sony trinitron.
  15. This was such a great game and it really deserved a symphony of the night style update.
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