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  1. Thrilled to see more VG&CE issues being uploaded. VG&CE was the first gaming mag I ever got a subscription to back in November 1990.
  2. I am concerned about the adding of non-gaming related magazines & guides to Retromags due to "feature bloat". Same with adding anything not text-based, like VHS tapes. It could end up being too much to scan and keep maintained.
  3. I do have all the GameFans stored digitally on an external HDD (along with over 50 issues in physical form) in my closet, although I won't say how I obtained them. But I could look for you in the next few days. Based on the games listed some reviews would be in issues done in mid-to-late 1995. However I do not remember Star Ocean ever being fully reviewed in any issues of GameFan.
  4. You are correct. Panasonic/Matsushita ended up using the M2 technology in various other electronics In Japan like vending machines and ticket & Information kiosks for many years after the untimely end of the 3DO console. That being said 3DO Company did live on for several years as a 3rd-party software developer, mostly known for their Army Men series.
  5. OOOOHHH Good One! I've been looking for a perfect scan of this guide for ages.
  6. I may download and read this to see exactly what it covers. I never played the PS2 version of UT but I put 1000+ hours into the PC version back in the day. I know the PS2 version had several exclusive maps added to it.
  7. I still have this guide in physical form. It was given to me as an early "teaser" present on Christmas Eve 1992.
  8. I should note it wasn't just the Goldeneye guide I did a lot of back then working at EB. The First-Person Shooter genre on N64 was wildly popular back in 1997 and I distinctly remember spending quite a few hours shrinking-wrapping & price tagging strategy guides for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Doom 64. Doom 64 in particular we sold lots of game copies and guides for it during the the spring & summer of 1997, even moreso than Turok. Of course all this pales in comparison to the Final Fantasy VII BradyGames guide which we sold BY FAR more of than anything other strategy guide that year.
  9. Oh dear god. I spent many long hours one gloomy day shrinking-wrapping & price tagging dozens of copies of this guide back when I worked at Electronics Boutique in 1997.
  10. I still have the physical copy of this one. Can't bear to part to with it.
  11. My knowledge of European NES games is very limited compared to other consoles like the Super NES and PS1. I think it's mostly sports & racing games that had the most NES PAL exclusives. There were also a few games that were specific to European cartoon characters like Asterix. Beyond that I really don't know much. One game you can check out is Devil World. It had the distinction for being the only NES game develeoped by Nintendo (and Shigeru Miyamoto) not released in North America.
  12. Nice to see EGM Issue 100 in there. Makes me feel a bit less bad after not donating my own copy after I said that i would. BTW does the donated EGM 100 have the poster in it?
  13. I suppose being the retro playstation fan dork I am P.S.X. and PSExtreme would be neat to have scanned. Official U.S. PS mag would be nice to if possible.
  14. OK now this mag (and this issue specifically) really brings back memories for me
  15. For me the failure of the Virtual Boy is tinged with extra sadness because it's what forced Gumpei Yokoi out of Nintendo. Of course Yokoi was killed in a traffic accident not long after leaving Nintendo. It's always left me wondering what if the VB had been more of a success and Yokoi hadn't left Nintendo would he still be alive today? Who knows.