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  1. I guess E.T.'s mom never told him to not sit so close to the TV set.
  2. OK this is my favorite strategy guide of all-time. Bought it back in 1992 when I got my Super NES, Zelda: A Link to the Past & Pilotwings from a local Funcoland. (remember them??) Still have it, and I will never part with it despite it slightly falling apart at the binding.
  3. HELL YEAH!! ...said in a Stone Cold Steve Austin sorta way
  4. Since I am a degenerate StarCraft fan I am required to give this issue a like.
  5. I'm pretty sure this is the first gaming magazine cover I've ever seen that has FREE WATER PISTOL on the cover. Random, yet oddly intriguing.
  6. Good about this guide: I owned it and it is a very good guide even today. Bad about this guide: Ugh this is one of the guides I used to frequently shrink-wrap and tag during lonely days in the backroom working at Electronics Boutique.
  7. I had forgotten how bad the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers "creamsicle orange" uniforms were.
  8. I've downloaded this book and checked it out, and a lot of the contents of this book are still relevant even today. The only things that perhaps aren't are the software tools, since it's been 26 years since then and the tools used have obviously evolved, and the various source ports which can go well beyond the limits of the original DOOM engine, which of course would not be mentioned in this book due to it's age.
  9. I miss the Sony PSP. I was never really into handheld consoles, but the PSP was the exception and I got my enjoyable hours out of it.
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog on a Nintendo Power cover. Could you imagine telling gamers back in the 1990s that this would eventually happen. Fanboys on both sides would've lost their collective minds seeing this cover.
  11. Indeed that was the response @Phillyman gave me in the Chatbox when I made an offer to Phillyman to donate my EGMs to fill in the holes from 2001 to 2005. @umpire81 I have the same issues you do up to #199, and I had previously made a donation offer but as others have said Phillyman isn't really taking EGMs right now, and E-Day and MigJmz are working through their own backlogs right now.
  12. Is it me or does this cover look like it has Hulk Hogan's head & neck on an inflatable sex doll while holding the severed head of some random dude in a Sting mask??
  13. Any way we could get a new scan of this particular NP issue without the double-pages per jpeg?
  14. Mednafen for most things, in particular PS1 & Saturn. Kega Fusion for Sega CD. Redream for Dreamcast. mGBA for all things Game Boy, and PPSSPP for Sony PSP. A few others here & there as well.
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