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  1. That's not good. Last I checked Future U.S. still owns Next Generation, PSM, and a few others. I have all the RetroMags uploads for NextGen but still. Yikes.
  2. Lol no not even close to 500. Now that being said Trip Hawkins & 3DO were catering to more than just game developers. Hawkins also wanted 3DO to eventually be a living room "multimedia hub" for games, movies, educational software, and other things. So perhaps the writer counted developers based on that and overinflated the number to 500? Either that or the letter writer was a clueless bonkers 3DO fanboy....
  3. I was going to ask about Issue 100. Now I don't have to.
  4. WOO-HOO!! (except for the sweaty Butterbean insert...)
  5. Let's see if anyone can spot the April Fool's joke in this issue. And let's just say the obvious answer is the wrong answer...
  6. To go even further into what Areala has already said, while the Electronic Gaming Monthly's 1989 Buyer's Guide was the first issue of EGM, in some ways it wasn't. The original iteration of EGM was actually called Electronic Game Player from 1988. EGP had the exact same layouts as the early EGMs did as well as the same editors. For reasons unknown in late 1988 Steve Harris decided to change the name from Electronic Game Player to Electronic Gaming Monthly, and the rest as they say, is history.
  7. The odd duck in this discussion would certainly be GameFan, due to the fact they were heavily biased fanboys towards ALL consoles in some fashion. Certain reviewers strongly preferred certain consoles and game genres, and thus skewed their reviews accordingly. For example Dave Halverson aka E.Storm preferred Sega games and RPGs in general. While Nick des Barres aka Nick Rox preferred hand-drawn 2D sprite games. Eric Mylonas aka ECM preferred quirky titles and arcade shmups. I think you get the idea. The console specific mags are biased but also unbiased since they only talk about one console and rarely mention others. Beyond that NextGen and EGM are probably the best in terms of multiplatform mags. But in truth no mag offered truly unbiased/neutral coverage since each reviewer had their own unique tastes and their reviews reflected those tastes.
  8. Yes, they all are. Unlike my GameFan collection which I bought mostly secondhand, all of my EGMs were from my own subscription and sat neatly on shelves or in boxes for their entire lives. They do not have bingo cards in them, but otherwise should have when available the sub-only Q-Mann/Sushi-X files. Other than the bingo cards and the missing EGM #100 poster, they are as close to perfect condition as can reasonably be achieved.
  9. I'm going to mega-bump my own thread to ask a question and maybe make an offer? This is mostly directed at E-Day... What about the state of EGM scans from 2001 to 2005? I'm still sitting on a lot of EGMs from Issue 100 (Nov 1997) to Issue 198 (Dec 2005). As you can see I had offered them before, but changed my mind thinking I would regret giving them up. However due to a impending move and a possible lack of storage space I may re-consider my stance. So I am curious about what you have scanned in your release queue and more importantly what EGMs are still missing from 1998-2005 that you don't already have.
  10. I'm not so sure Dave cares that much anymore. All his attempts to revive GameFan have ended in failure, including the partnership with Destructoid. Maybe the copyright E.Storm has finally passed for good and clear skies are ahead? We'll see.
  11. Wowzers, I used to have this back in the day. I took extra care of it since it was so thin compared to the regular stack of Nintendo Powers so I always kept it on top of the stack to protect it.
  12. Nice. This is THE guide that I used to get 120 stars in Super Mario 64 back in the day, before the era of FAQs.
  13. "Do the Math?" We did the Math, and it didn't add up. Didn't add up for Atari Corp. either, in fact it killed them. Nice ad campaign Atari.
  14. By 1989 using a headline like "The New Breed of 286 Computers" is like saying "Come Look at Our Brand New Antiques!"
  15. Thank you Thank you E-Day! VG&CE was my first ever magazine subscription and this was my first issue of it.