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  1. Nice to see EGM Issue 100 in there. Makes me feel a bit less bad after not donating my own copy after I said that i would. BTW does the donated EGM 100 have the poster in it?
  2. I suppose being the retro playstation fan dork I am P.S.X. and PSExtreme would be neat to have scanned. Official U.S. PS mag would be nice to if possible.
  3. OK now this mag (and this issue specifically) really brings back memories for me
  4. For me the failure of the Virtual Boy is tinged with extra sadness because it's what forced Gumpei Yokoi out of Nintendo. Of course Yokoi was killed in a traffic accident not long after leaving Nintendo. It's always left me wondering what if the VB had been more of a success and Yokoi hadn't left Nintendo would he still be alive today? Who knows.
  5. It's odd you mention NOT using save states in MAME kitsunebi because in truth you should. Save states is the best way to practice individual levels over & over. For example if I'm learning a shmup/STG for a 1cc run I will save each level to a different save state slot and re-play that level until I get it down pat. Of course for casual play save states aren't particularly necessary. But for praciticing levels or finding those hdiden levels & areas I do recommend still using save states.
  6. I also do chronogaming, and have full chronological USA release lists made myself for the SNES, PSone, PS2, & PSP. I had a list for the NES as well, but after 31 years snce getting my original NES I realized I can no longer enjoy 8-bit gaming as it has lost it's charm for me. But I suppose 4300+ games in order (not including imports) for the other 4 consoles should be enough to last me for quite a while....
  7. SuperGrafx is a good representation of why mid-generation "upgraded" consoles were seen for a long time as a bad idea. It's only very recently that the concept has been viable as seen with the PS4 Pro and XBox One X. All previous attempts either failed outright like the SuperGrafx, or were aborted outright like the 3DO M2.
  8. Well the Xbox's continued failures in Japan are largely due to xenophobia. Well that and Japan's near-total distaste for first person shooters and Western-styled graphics.
  9. It's a nice list. But having a 3-button controller instead of the 6-button limits what games are possible, paticularly fighting games. Would like to see NHL '94 and maybe a couple Phantasy Star games on the list.
  10. Hey at least the SuperGrafx was backwards compatible. The follow-up PC-FX tanked massively and ultimately drove NEC/Hudson out of the console market for good.
  11. Playing games or watching movies vs. having memorable experiences doing it is a common thing. I've personally owned over 50 sports games and played many, many more. But the number of sports games I remember well is probably less than 10. But that probably speaks more to the genre itself than my overall enjoyment playing them at the time.
  12. Several months ago I went through the NA Release lists for the Dreamcast, N64, & PS1 trying to remember which games I previously owned back in the day. I could remember most of them, but there were a few I genuine wasn't sure if I had or hadn't, particularly in the sports category. A few I thought I owned but couldn't remember playing them, which was a bit odd.
  13. My interest is based on whatever retro gaming I'm doing at a particular time. Like E-Day I go through downturns and when I'm not playing anything retro I rarely visit. But when I AM doing my retro thing regularly I come by a couple times a week for news, new releases, and to check the shoutbox.
  14. Hey Sean I'm still trying to find time to send you my copy of EGM 100 if you still want it. I can understand if you thought I blew you off (I didn't), but I've just been so bloody swamped with work it's difficult to get to my PO before it closes. Bummer on the cost of the poster. Wish I still had one to give you.
  15. I'm back! Sorry for taking so long to respond but with long work hours, family time, tons of sleep and bad allergies my online time has been almost nil. Sean697: I will send out #100 to you, but I don't know exactly when since I'm pretty swamped right now. It might be a couple of weeks at least. We can work out the details sometime next week. Phillyman: OK, but you're going to have to be more specific about exactly what you want. Are you saying you want me to be your backup guy in case you screw up the prep work for the scanning & editing process? Puddinpops: I don't have time right now sorry. However I will keep it in the back of my mind and if I have a couple free hours I will definitely take a look since it's a curious case. BTW interesting conversation on the different scanning styles you all have.