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  1. I have several issues of both magazines, but do not known when they actually finished being produced and the issues available. Raze was one and possibly only UK magazine that had reviews for Atari 7800 games. Both had strong Atari Jaguar coverage, which compared to other magazines at the time was rare. I am willing to scan Raze first, but it would be great to known the issues released. Thanks
  2. Meppi - Gb Action

    I have several early issues, but missing the free 16 page buyers guide from issue 1 and the free 16 page accessories supplement. I am willing to scan the magazine if there is a demend for it.
  3. Neogeo Pocket Catalogue Scans

    Thanks I have manged to find a few catalogs. So far these are the volumes 1 and 2 of the "soft information" and two other catalogs. So if you have soft information vol 3, that will be great. I have also posted a request to have them on this site, but no answer from anyone as regards this matter
  4. Neogeo Pocket Catalogue Scans

    Hi all, I am looking for scans of the software catalogues found in NeoGeo pocket games. I have three of them currently which I am willing to post if interested. I am after the ones called "NeoGeo Pocket Soft Information" Vols 1-3 Also any adverts for hardware/software. Thanks