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  1. It's really important that we preserve as many magazines as we can for future generations to enjoy because gaming is human culture. Our history needs to be preserved so future generations can see how far we've come. To me, these magazines are just as important as Charles Dickens' books.
  2. I will admit Zombies are starting to become more and more dull as they milk it for all its worth. But, zombies are starting to disappear as Superheroes rise and become the new cash cow.
  3. I love video games. I love reading about them, watching people play them and listening to podcasts about them and I do play video games on my PSP, PC and Android. But, I do love old video games more than the new ones. I think the video game industry is going down the wrong path.
  4. Playing Spyro the Dragon on the PS1.
  5. Retronauts, 1UP, Idle Thumbs, Giant Bombcast, Arrow Pointing Down, Rebel FM...