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  1. Hamachi!

    Network play should work, I must say I did not try it yet that way. But it is realy good tool, use it from home<->work machine connection
  2. Legacy Dos Gaming Box

    And the biggest problem is that if you do aquire old computer, loading speed will be realy small, and new hard drives (large) are not compatible with old hardware, so your collections could not be placed on one hard drive. And sometimes it is realy hard to find some replacement parts for older computer, and you may even pay more than for new component.
  3. Recommended Emulators

    And iDeas for NDS, now with much better compatibility, playable for lot of games, but in some realy slow.
  4. Looking For A New Bittorrent Client

    utorrent is best, you also have web interface, so you can control it from distance without direct access to machine.
  5. Sony Psp Peripherals

    There are external speakers for PSP by Logitech (PSP PlayGear)