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  1. The scans are basically monochrome, so it's not even necessary to rescan the page. Just delete the line caused by the hair.
  2. Howdy! I live in Mexicali, Mexico, and go to the Walmart in Calexico, California about twice a month - I've seen the magazine there (and its counterpart, Geek Magazine) at the beginning of every month, but they run out pretty quickly since they're free and at the reach of anyone. The most copies I've seen, right at the start of the month, have been 20. The only difference I've noticed between the print version and the online PDF / Reader version... is the ads. And maybe an extra ad insert, and sometimes it's inside a baggie. At my store they usually put these in the middle of the electronics section, next to the computers, but they also used to be next to the video games. Sorry for the late reply.
  3. The site says it was a Comiket release, so maybe the rights are hanging around somewhere. I dunno.
  4. ... this is odd. The game was canceled, but it still had a soundtrack release?
  5. ... looks like I can't edit my posts for some reason (what) but it looks like the newer ones are just jpgs. So yeah I'm ripping these today.
  6. Hi. The magazine links are basically glorified Flash viewers, all pages are stored as individual SWF files. In theory it might be possible to extract the images from them and assemble a full magazine out of them. As of today, there's only Geek Magazine 1-6 and Gamecenter 52 to 64 up on the site.
  7. Foxhack

    Scanning DVD artwork

    Uh, yeah. At those prices I think I'll just use my camera. x_x
  8. Any suggestions for scanning these in? I have a lot of stuff I want to scan and potentially upload, but every time I try to scan the insert, I have issues with the spines, since I can never get them flat enough. Should I try to get one of those single page scanners that drag the pages through them? Or something else? Thanks.
  9. Foxhack


    No but really this got posted on Twitter, so I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.
  10. Foxhack


    That's nice.
  11. The internet will take care of hosting those.
  12. I was going to ask if this was possible with a hair dryer. I only have a few mags I want to debind.
  13. Hello Foxhack, Welcome to the Retromags Community!