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  1. It might be worth asking the clrmamepro dev to add a sort of file format override for cases like this. CBZ / CBR are just renamed files.
  2. The Banjo Kazooie tape has a Toys-R-Us cover variant, but I'm not sure if the actual tape contents are the same. I own a Zelda Majora's Mask TRU tape with some Banjo Kazooie footage on the back, and it has a "postage paid" mark on that side too. The page link includes photos of the promos included with the tape, one of which was a free plushie when buying the game at TRU. It's possible some of them were mailed, but I bet most were given away at TRU. I did some seasonal work at my US hometown's store in the mid 2000s, and I remember we had to fill out forms with addresses for the scam product warranties we sold (which I refused to offer), so it's possible that they got some addresses from there. I also own a Pokemon Toys'R'Us tape that was given out before the show originally premiered. It has the tape, a coupon for a Nintendo Power subscription, and a small leaflet with a list of cities, stations, and times when the first episode would air. The back has an ESRB "Rating Pending". The video itself is a promo for the show and the then upcoming game. Edit: I do, actually. I've got a gigantic stack of tapes that I plan to transfer for the next few months since I'm stuck at home, selling off the bulk of my collection, while I sell the house and hopefully move to the US later this year. A buddy is helping me by giving all my decks a good cleanup, and I ordered some cables I needed with some extra cash I got in. I'm not sure if there are any important gaming or magazine-related tapes that need backing up, but I'm working on stuff. I have a couple of Japanese tapes I want to digitize, one is a pokemon thing and the other is a Ryuuko no Ken VHS guide. And that's not counting all the CDs and gaming magazine stuff I want to transfer and eventually post for download. (Which also makes me wonder about those gaming DVDs that came with PS2 mags...)
  3. There was a Mexico-only edition of GamePro down here in the 90s. IIRC, it was all very badly translated content, with regional promos and ads included. I had a couple of issues (Virtua Racing, Super Street Fighter II and Sonic & Knuckles covers) which I intended to donate, but they were lost in that big flood at my house two years ago. Judging by the covers on the site, and other comments on this thread: There's a Spanish (PR?) US only edition, published in the US. Something tells me this was intended for states / territories with a large Spanish speaking population, like Florida and Puerto Rico; There's regional editions for Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico + Dominican Republic, and Mexico; at least, for the first year. This cover has a ton of countries listed, but not Mexico. I found a Mexico-only version at Mercado Libre Mexico, so it's possible every other country had a consolidated magazine, while we kept our regional one, at least for some issues.
  4. I think it would be cheaper for me to fly up there and deliver them at your door than ship them to you. Friggin USPS...
  5. Yeah. I'm trying to move this stuff out to someone that can keep these safe before I actually manage to move out of my house. (I was planning to move to the US, but with this mess, who the hell knows if that'll be possible anytime soon.) I don't need to ship them out ASAP, I just need someone to be able (and willing) to receive and scan them. Rather than do this at the last minute, I decided to do this now so I'm not rushed like I usually am. We still have a few months, I guess, so there's time. And if nothing can be done I'll figure out a way to take them with me.
  6. I'm quite sorry for not replying, things have been hectic down here and I was waiting for things to settle down... but... welp. I would be more than happy to edit any magazines I donate. My big issue has always been scanning these in, but I can do editing. That said... the US government just said there's going to be restrictions when traveling from Mexico to the US, and despite being a US citizen living in Mexico, I'm not sure if I would have problems crossing the border with packages to send, so I can't do much about that until I speak to some border agents about this. Additionally, my internet upload speed is atrocious, so I would probably have to send any edited files to someone else for uploading! But yeah... this sucks.
  7. That's too bad. And I... wasn't going to ask for anything other than postage costs.
  8. There's one historically important magazine that needs to be scanned: Club Nintendo Mexico. Most of its material was completely original thanks to the fact they had direct access to Nintendo materials through an import company that handled distribution for them here; they also reported on local events such as the launch of Chavez, and even had a hand in localizing some games for the region. They also had interviews with developers from Europe, Japan and America, and their coverage of E3 and Tokyo Game Show was unheard of for the time. Plus they're the only magazine that ran news coverage on the cancelled Dragon Ball Z Shin Butouden 3 localization. Unfortunately, in its later years, it just started to reprint stuff from Nintendo Power. But the early stuff is important. I have a few years worth of magazines upstairs. Magazines from other countries did reprint stuff from other places, but Club Nintendo Mexico shouldn't really be looked over. And trust me, if I -could- scan these, I totally would, but my scanner is a piece of garbage that barely works and is full of uncleanable dust.
  9. Eh, I can just give those away. I'm more interested in knowing where to send the other stuff or if anyone can handle those. As I said, I want to try to get as many Mexican mags I can before I leave here. Which... might be a while considering the whole global pandemic going on.
  10. Huh, now they're embedding fine. Anyway. I typically ship these via Media (I know it's a risk because we're not supposed to send magazines that way) so it shouldn't be THAT much, probably $10-15 tops anywhere in the US, except Hawaii / Alaska. I also got a bunch of Game Informers from the same era with these but I'm not sure what the status of those is here so I didn't mention them.
  11. ... I'm not sure why the images aren't embedding anymore, and I can't edit the post, agh.
  12. So a while back, after I made my first donation to Retromags, I mentioned I'd try to get more local magazines for y'all to scan. Well, I managed to get a decent lot: (I believe one of these PlayMania books has a cut up back cover, but the rest is fine) Game Master was a Mexican magazine that ran from 2009 until 2015, this collection has several issues from 2009 to 2012. PlayMania and Hobby Consolas are from Spain, Club Nintendo is the Mexican version, and that Xbox magazine is also from Mexico. Just like last time, I'll happily ship these to you guys if you cover the postage from California to wherever.
  13. I really wish's upload tool had a Windows version, my upload speed is so awful that I can't really upload anything that large. Their command line tool - for linux and Mac OS X only - supports resuming. I'm currently trying to figure out how to use it via a VM. I'm that desperate.